The Definition of Living
Tommy Cestare

Tommy, I majored in Export management but since I had 4 months to wait before taking the exams I took a short job for a company selling house hold goods to Africa. I was 18 then. I had boasted “of course I can sell” and took a one way ticket to Ghana. I lived in the container, sold to tribes moving along at the coast, caught Malaria of course, but I came back with my head up high. When the boss offered me a post, I declined, moved at 21 to the UK to start my own company which is still going strong. I am 68 now, visited over 90 countries on business, lived in 7 for more than 6 months incl.the USA to develop a product that aids to bring Malaria, Cholera and Typhoid down.

I know that it is never too late to learn, although I still prefer smoke signals and african drums to work on my laptop. :) It gives me tremendous satisfaction to make a difference, even to those in the slums, leaving when my day comes, a legacy behind, having saved lives. I am in awe how people survive with a smile on their face living hand to mouth for under 1.50$ a day. 20% of Ghana never have seen electricity at work. No fridge, light, forget to plug in the charger for your phone, there is none. I am in awe as those people survive with what mother nature provides, tropical fruit and berries, some grains and bush-meat.

When I return to my home in the UK I must admit I am spoiled, so are my grandchildren who are texting (what seems to be ) all day long. We have lost some of the human touch.

I wish you all the best in your life.


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