Good News: Shaf Zaman Joins the Global Spy Fold

Globla Spy advisor Shaf Zaman

The Global Spy community just got better as Shaf Zaman joins the development team as an advisor. If the name sound familiar, that is probably because Shaf Zaman can be considered one of the rock stars in the cryptocurrency industry. Shaf has over five years of experience in digital advertising. He also is currently the CEO and co-founder of Crypto Society.

This gives him a powerful voice in the cryptocurrency community that will be used to spread the information on the unique offering that Global Spy is bringing to the industry. He is also an analyst with ICObench, and he has worked as the marketing advisor for a myriad of successful ICOs. He is an advisor of more than six cryptocurrency startups that have gone on to have very successful ICOs. They include Gryphon and EharvestHub.

At only 26 years of age, he has already made a name for himself in the industry by predicting the potential rise of BTC, ETH and XRP years before anyone thought that they would become the cryptocurrency giants they are today.

He also has experience trading in both the Crypto and the Forex markets for over three years. He is well versed in predicting price changes before they occur. His technical skills at trading and his intuition make his insight indispensable. He will bring this wealth of knowledge to the Global Spy fold, providing information on the best way to position SPY tokens. He will be actively involved throughout the ICO and the official coin launch. He will also liaise with the development team to ensure that the blockchain is robust.

He is enthusiastic about the vision of providing investors with a platform where they can have professional due diligence on their behalf before investing in cryptocurrency assets. Having him on the Global Spy team is an honor. His experience in the industry as well as his intuition will definitely help refine the professional research that customers will get.