These Three Food-tech Startups are Battling to End Hunger.

Sustainability and waste-reduction are in-style in the Nordic startup scene.

It seems that you can’t go into a store today without seeing a campaign to cut-down on food waste — and for good reason. Throughout the EU, over 143 billion euros are spent per year on wasted food. Despite more than enough being produced, there is still 88 million tonnes of food being discarded due to pricing and distribution issues. Some may see the recent push to address this problem as a short-term trend, and doubt its lasting efficacy. However, three Nordic startups are putting their money where their mouth is, and attempting to end food waste one meal at a time.

Denmark’s Too Good to Go, Finland’s ResQ Club, and Sweden’s Karmalicious have been founded with similar goals. Each company aims to do their part to cut down on food waste by allowing customers to purchase excess supply produced by restaurants at a reduced price. Within the past two years they have already seen stellar results in their local markets, and are rapidly expanding to new countries.

These three companies have rocketed though this year’s Nordic Startup Awards, with each taking home at least one award from their home countries’ National Events. Now as we approach the regional Grand Finale, these companies will finally be going head to head.

Karmalicious and Too Good to Go are competing for Best Food Tech Company.

Too Good to Go and ResQ Club are competing for Best Social Impact Startup.

Furthermore, ResQ Club is a contestant for Best Newcomer, and Too Good to Go is for Startup of the Year.

It will be exciting to see which of these companies has what it takes to win. Furthermore, will each carve out their own section of Europe for themselves, or will one grow to overtake the others down the line?

No matter what happens or who wins the awards, the ultimate victory lies with the consumers.

Find out which of these startups has what it takes to end hunger at NSAwards’ 2017 Grand Finale, October 18 in Stockholm!

Learn more about this exciting event and get your tickets here

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