How we used our online community to create an amazing event after first canceling.

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13th of March 2019: SESA team has organised an astonishing South Europe Startup Digital Grand Finale & Awards Awarding Ceremony!

Our determined team had been working hard for months. The event was supposed to take place in Turin, on February 27–29, at OGR, an area for exhibitions, shows, concerts, music, theatre events, ballet and even immersive virtual reality experiences in a proper digital gallery, not to mention the stunning tech startup accelerator!

Unfortunately, due to the recent Corona Virus (COVID -19) situation affecting all the Europe, the Northern Italy regions just 5 days before the planned date 28th of Feb, we opted for cancelling the event, for preserving the safety of all participants. That was a very good choice, by the way, as facts are showing today. So, a few days later, we complied to the restriction order spread out by the regional and city public authorities, adopting a severe contingency process for reducing the virus further proliferation. …


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