How we used our online community to create an amazing event after first canceling.

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13th of March 2019: SESA team has organised an astonishing South Europe Startup Digital Grand Finale & Awards Awarding Ceremony!

Our determined team had been working hard for months. The event was supposed to take place in Turin, on February 27–29, at OGR, an area for exhibitions, shows, concerts, music, theatre events, ballet and even immersive virtual reality experiences in a proper digital gallery, not to mention the stunning tech startup accelerator!

Unfortunately, due to the recent Corona Virus (COVID -19) situation affecting all the Europe, the Northern Italy regions just 5 days before the planned date 28th of Feb, we opted for cancelling the event, for preserving the safety of all participants. That was a very good choice, by the way, as facts are showing today. So, a few days later, we complied to the restriction order spread out by the regional and city public authorities, adopting a severe contingency process for reducing the virus further proliferation. …

How does Campus X, winner in the category of Best Coworking Space on CESAwards, make an impact, and where is the future of the startup ecosystem heading? We talked to Boyko Iaramov, Co-founder & CEO at Campus X to find out.

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Tell us about the time when Campus X was founded. When did you realize that a great idea could turn into a great business?

“Creating Campus X was a logical next step for us as founders of Telerik* — a software company we started in a small office in Bulgaria and managed to grow to a global leader with over 800 employees and 130,000 customers, including 450 of the Fortune 500 organizations.

While scaling the business, we learned many invaluable lessons that helped us identify the key success factors for a tech company — access to Talent, curated Community, the physical Hub and access to Capital. Our goal was to bring them all together under one roof. …

Read our interview with Manuel Trongone, the CEO of Dade2!

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Can you tell us a little bit about your story? What big milestones did you have in your life as an entrepreneur that determined your career path?

“I started being involved in the IT world only by chance when I was still in high school, working from remote for one of the first hosting companies of that time. From there I understood what my real passion, and subsequently my career path was going to be for many years to come. …

We have created an interview with Veronika Pistyur and Gyula Fehér, general partners of Oktogon Ventures, the CEE-based venture capital specialized in technology startups!

Vera was a member of the National Jury Board this year and a finalist in the category of Most Influential Woman in CESAwards 2015, while Gyula was a Regional Jury member at CESAwards 2019 & 2018.

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What do you think makes Oktogon VC unique among the Central European venture capitals and investors?
Gyula Fehér: “I think there are relatively few so-called operators funds in this part of Europe, especially this stage. There are several ex-founders who invest as angels of course, but as early-stage, as we are, there are only a few. …

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We at Global Startup Awards love how technology enables us to work remotely these days, it’s essential for us to operate. So let’s stop for a second to appreciate it. 🙏

Some companies like IBM, Yahoo or Bank of America are still very conservative about it, calling back their employees to the office environment, and we definitely understand why: we also appreciate every second we can spend together physically, it’s always easier to discuss things quickly in person rather than juggling with phone calls when the person you’re trying to reach is not available at that moment, perhaps even sleeping, being in another timezone, and by the time (s)he gets back to you, you will be already busy with another task. …

“We intend to roll out new features that would assist businesses to gain more B2B transactions and have deeper insights into their supply chain ecosystem.”

We had a nice chat with Lennise Ng, CEO & co-founder of Dropee, a B2B wholesale marketplace.

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Dropee is a pretty ambitious product, what’s the next step towards world domination?
“Expansion across the SEA region!”

What new technology are you particularly excited about that could further develop your solution?
“Our mission since the beginning of Dropee is to help businesses buy and sell easily in bulk. Currently, Dropee’s platform allows businesses to gain insights into their inventory movements, orders, and customers. …

“I think as a founder, you can’t be an expert in every area of business, but it is essential that you know what the right questions are to ask.”

Kin Jiang, CEO & Co-founder of BioMark has answered our questions.

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How does BioMark actually help its customers to get a comprehensive overview of their health indicators?
“The BioMark app helps users track up to 300 biomarkers. That’s practically all the lab tests that your doctor would possibly ever order for you. …

“As we scaled, we ensured that we trained the team to put the customer first.”

We had a nice talk with Aaron Sarma, Founder & CEO of Vidi.

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VIDI is a pretty ambitious product, what’s the next step towards world domination?
“When we started the company our goal was simply to allow people to see the world. A key strategy we had was to focus on the market in Asia Pacific through partnerships with strategic players. This led us to work closely with and to our eventual acquisition by AirAsia — the largest carrier in South East Asia. Our immediate focus is on depth. We are focusing on unique content and soon will scale this in more markets. …

“We treat our partners with very special care and with very close relationships.”

Anthony Gunawan, CEO of Wakuliner has answered our questions.

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What are you most proud of achieving with your team this year?
“Winning Rice Bowl award at the ASEAN level would be our most proud achievement yet this year.”

Can you tell us about a customer success story that you are especially proud of?
Almost 95% of all of our corporate customers have very high satisfaction level with our products and services. There is this one corporate, which is one of the biggest corporations in Jakarta, thanked us so much because we have helped their employees by providing great nutritious lunch, therefore increasing their overall productivity. …

“You’re going to come up with a better solution faster if you’ve created a team of people with different academic, professional, and personal backgrounds.”

Toby Ruckert, Chief Executive Officer at UIB, has answered our questions.

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What was the best advice someone gave you, that really stuck with you and helped along your path in becoming a successful entrepreneur?
“The tougher the problem, the greater the diversity you need to solve it. …


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