by Sagar Dahal

Many students struggle with the design of wildlife research projects and being able to analyze the data after coming back from the field. To help build my skills in this regard, I just attended the “Boot Camp for Wildlife Study Design and Data Analysis” this September 24 to October 6, 2019 organized by Biodiversity Conservation Society Sarawak with the logistic support of Bhutan Government at Bumthang Bhutan. This was my second time attending the training.

Thimpu, Capital City of Bhutan
Thimpu, Capital City of Bhutan
Figure 1 Thimpu, Capital City of Bhutan (Photo by Sagar Dahal)

The ten-day course covered the basics of Bayesian Statistics, different types of data distribution (Binomial, Poisson and Gaussian or Normal), concept of…

Global Wildlife Conservation: Notes From the Field

GWC conserves the diversity of life on Earth. These are the stories of adventure, discovery and heroism from the field by staff, associates and partners.

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