Summary of main points that make Global Jobcoin better than other ICOs. Why we are the top rated ICO in 2017 & how did we manage this great success in the Presale.

Successful Company

We are a successful company & our Jobstoday platforms are in the market since 2014.

International Presence

We are present in 4 European countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria & Poland. And in the coming months we will expand all over the world.

Professional Team

We have a professional team since 2014 & offices in 4 European countries.

5000 + Clients

We have more than 5000 employers worldwide using our Jobstoday platforms.

1 Million + Users

We have more than 1 Million users registered on our Jobstoday platforms.

Licenses & Permits

We already have all the regulatory licenses & permits to operate all over the World.

Working & Profitable Product

We will integrate Global Jobcoin in to our profitable Jobstoday platforms within few weeks.

New Release in December 2017

We already have the next Jobstoday release 90% done & you can already test it here: http://ch.jobstoday.it/en/. We plan to launch this new release in December 2017.

Transparent ICO Model

Our ICO is very transparent & the smart contract can be reviewed by anyone.

Presence on all Social Media Channels

We are present on all social media channels & have a very attentive customer service.

Fair & Honest

The founders only keep 10% of the tokens generated so there is no possibility of price manipulation.

Attractive Dividends

We share 20% of our profits every quarter with our token holders. All the profit statements will be made public starting from first quarter 2018.

Token buyback Incentive

We invest 10% of our profits in buying back tokens from the open market & lock them in an Escrow account for 365 days.

Low Circulating Supply

Only 100 Million tokens are generated. And only 70 Million will be in circulation.

Supporting Charity Projects

We have been supporting projects helping children education & animal welfare around the world since 2014.


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