Hello and welcome to the second project status update!

The ICO is set to go live with the Pre-sale in less than a week’s time and we are 100% ready for it. Wallet is ready, token distribution tested and operational and the website is complete with the exception of the video and purchasing guides that will be put on the site at the same time the wallet goes live to the public!

The GlobeToken Project is really wanting to expand upon its reach and we have posted an announcement thread on the Bitcoin Talk Forums. Link below:
Feel free to direct any questions you may have in the thread and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

A sneak peak into what you can expect when the wallet goes live!

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Welcome to the first status update of The GlobeToken Project!
We are aiming to release updates like this every 2–3 weeks.

For the past few weeks, the team has been working on the following:
- Advertising
- Whitepaper Completion
- Wallet Development Completion
- Token Distribution Program Completion

We are proud to say that all the above has been completed. Details below:

We are advertising on numerous ICO sites such as ICO Alert, The Tokener, ICO Bench, Track ICO and even GoStellar who has very kindly put a brief article up of our project on their site. …

The GlobeToken Project has a rewards system included in its ICO offering. This system is similar to “stretch goals” on the Kickstarter platform and help to incentivise participation in the ICO.

The system is simple. Following the completion of the ICO, the team will perform a live draw on social media (as yet to be determined whether or not this will be done on Twitch, Youtube or Vimeo). For every GLO a participant has bought, they will receive one entry into the draw. A participant is able to win more than one reward if there are multiple draws.

For the sake of privacy, only the public ID of winning participants will be shown on social media. When winners are presented their reward, the event will be posted on social media provided they give their permission. …



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