Finding A Suitable Job

Life is hard enough without finding a job that’s actually available and that you have the skills and experience for without you being able to enjoy it as well. This is the most common issue for a lot of people.

Personally, I think it’s a bad idea to ask children and young adults (in a serious manner) what they would like to be and why. While I was in high school, many of my classes covered this which became rather annoying after a while.

They encourage you to think seriously about what you actually want to be but the reason I believe this to be a negative approach is due to the sense of failure it can cause.

You make the child or young adult think and take their statements seriously. Most people encourage them to not be what they want to be simply because they view it as “silly” or “stupid” which to an extent, is fair enough.

But in a world that offers so much, most can never truly know what they want to be until they experience it. Most school work experience is the simple things that just about anyone can get into, promoting working in jobs you don’t have to work at to get into.

When you think back to the things you wanted to be when you’re an adult, it can make you feel like a failure if you haven’t fulfilled your “dream job” that you were so adamant about as a child or young adult.

Even as a young adult myself, I am still finding my feet. With a wide range of interests, talents and experience in different sectors of the business industry, it’s hard to commit to just one.

That’s just part of the issue though. What happens if you go through education for many years to come out of the other side with all your qualifications just to be told that there’s a shortage of jobs in your chosen industry?

Then there’s the issue of the fact that once you have a paying job that you thought was your dream job but turned out not be due to reasons such as a unprofessional manager and/or employees, unreasonable hours and even distance to travel to and from work as well as unreasonable demands.

Chances are, the job you would be currently in was simply luck that you even found that job. More and more commoners, especially those without degrees, education and/or experience find it increasingly difficult to find the simplest of jobs so the chances of you finding another job any time soon, is slim.

But not only does this situation make you feel bad about your previous choices, it also makes you question the next. What if you choose a wrong career again? What if you have another unprofessional manager? What if you don’t like your colleagues or the work assigned?

People tend to think that getting a job is so easy and while I wish I could say it is, it really isn’t. With little to no jobs available for the average person and employers hiring family, friends or friends of colleagues over you, it makes it all the more complicated. You have also to think about travelling to work, how much the job will pay compared to what your bills cost and the previously mentioned.

Finding a suitable job for not only your experience and skills but also for the things you actually enjoy doing is extremely difficult in today’s broken down society. More and more people are having children, the population is growing but jobs are decreasing.

What used to be a form of survival has turned into a trend. With children as young as 12 falling pregnant, it’s hard to believe that the human race will recover from the things it has done not only to one another but to mother earth itself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.