I Hate Blogging

I did nostalgic things today. I looked through all the papers shoved on the shelf I never touch. My collection of what I want to forget. Old goals. Goals I never followed through on. I got frustrated.

Over and over again I found the same goal staring at me. Blogging frequently. Two reasons I made this a goal:

  1. To create a discipline of commitment.

2. To reach and contribute to a community of like-minded people.

How silly of me. Looking back at my desire to have a consistent habit and then discover I didn’t commit to it. Silly. Just silly, Gloria.

I haven’t even been able to write more than one blog post a week. But usually, not even more than once a month.

I have had this as a big goal for over two years. I write it in my planner at least three times a week. And yet, I still can’t drag myself to write down my thoughts and experiences consistently.

But yet I talk.

I talk so damn much.

And I think.

I think and I think and I think.

But where’s the action! Grr.

The most frustrating part for me is that there is so much out there to read. I scroll down my newsfeed (whichever one out of the billion I try to keep up with) and I end up skimming over a bunch of titles and not even clicking.

What is the point to even taking the time to create something that will most likely be scrolled over?

As soon as I ask myself that question I already know the answer. People are looking for answers in these articles. But for me, I tend to present more frustrations that I have that people may relate to. I should probably present some answers sometime soon. Maybe that’s my biggest hurdle.

Whatever the case may be I cannot deny that blogging, or I think a better term is “getting your voice out there”, is undeniably a way to create connections.

I can’t deny that the last article I wrote didn’t get attention. I had two significant connections come out of that. They never would have come to fruition if it weren’t for that article.

So, I guess it’s not all that bad or pointless.

The purpose of this article is to relate to others who have the same issue as me and invite you on a journey with me. A journey of accountability and experiment. I love to experiment. I like to experiment on myself. So let’s test myself.

Over the next couple of months I am determined to figure out how to do this blog thing consistently and create a voice that represents me authentically and intrigues readers.

Week 1: Might as well start now, yeah? Who cares if it’s Wednesday!

My first experiment for the next week is to record myself on video whenever the topic I desire to write about comes to mind. With that video I will then transcribe and structure my article and then BAM- Published!

Stay tuned and check back with me to keep me accountable in my journey to make writing a habit. By next Wednesday 7/15/2015 I will write 2 more articles.

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