Different words to describe what happened in Mong Kok

South China Morning Post

Hunt on for 100 Hong Kong rioters who took active role in Mong Kok mayhem

Hunt: catch animals

negative -10 strong 10 active 10

rioters: people trying to destroy peace

negative -8 strong 8 active 8

mayhem: hurt people seriously

negative -10 strong 8 active 8

the guardian

pepper spray: a thrill thing hot and difficult to bear for people

negative -3 strong 2(actually it is not a strong weapon but by reading the word democracy it becomes bad) passive 2

disperse: negative -2 strong 1 (there are some other words like drive out…)

active 8

democracy: positive 8 strong 8active8

I think this is also a synergy. The word disperse may not so strong, but when show with the word democracy, it will become a really negative word.

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