New Media Applications 2 (remediation)

Smart Phone: A touch screen device that enables the use of communication with others, can connect to the internet, call, text, play game, access social media sites and email through the use of apps as well as a web browser.


His first point is that though phones can be great or have great aspects about them, they also have negative aspects as well, from learning, cheating being rude bullying and more.

The problem I find with this person’s argument is that the problem can be attributed to the person rather than the phone it’s self, true a smart phone with all that power does grant the user access to a lot but ultimately I find it’s down to the user to decide how to use it, it’s kind of like (though an extreme version) the gun argument, is it the gun’s fault or the person who fires the gun that gets the blame. The phone is awesome as it is, and although a tool, it is a primarily personal one. It’s a device designed for communication and it is especially useful in long distance and managing multiple forms of communicating into one small device, e.g. email, social media, texting etc. but if you’re being rude by ignoring people to be on your phone or cheating then that’s your (the users) fault not the phones. And the bullying although horrible his argument is that it has made it more accessible for bullies and cyberbullying, I agree with him on this, though not the phones fault, bullying is unfortunate and horrible and it sucks that phones can be with their connection to the internet, used against others like this.

Though this delves into what I have coming up, I think the phone and the tablet will become one in the future, I really don’t feel the need for both and like the I phone combing different things into one device I think there will come a point that will enable the two and the smart watch to sort of become integrated into one personal device.


“A Tablet is a mobile computer with a touch screen display”

I have always said that they are just bigger phones. Only focused more on web browsing and task managing. Where as a PC might be your workstation a tablet is the thing you use when you’re on the move or just need to use necessities like internet, word, excel or want to watch a movie in bed.


This article is about 5 ways the I Pad has changed the world and with a paragraph on each.

· The Tablet Industry

· Comic books

· Small Businesses

· Education

· Aviation

Now mostly this seems to be written of a factual based opinion. But there is enough here I think to analyze. “Apple’s tablet rivals have benefitted hugely from its presence” well that might be true but I see it as a very boring area. “There wouldn’t be a tablet market” No company has really tried to distinguish themselves from apple, the kindle started as an e reader, which has slowly turned into a tabled with each iteration, and Microsoft seem to be making theirs so that it can replace your pc (basically just a more powerful tablet). So in short yes but it is a very bland pool. I agree with the comic books but only to the point where tablets are one reason, the biggest reason for there boom is the movies as well as them going digital, I agree they are most enjoyable on tablets due to there size (true for books as well) if anything it was a pairing of the two, digital made them easy to access (trust me Physically collecting comics is partially considered a hobby for a reason). The movies brought the mass/ more audience boom and the tablet gave them a easy and fitting medium to view it on. I completely agree with small businesses, they are cheap, mobile, are quite versatile in software, this one makes the most sense to me. Education. “The arrival of the iPad has revolutionized teaching at all levels, but particularly for the very young.” It’s interactive with very simple controls, it’s great for kids but I worry it might be to good. I have two cousins 8 and 9 who both have tablets and know how to work it really well, they just use it though for games and internet. If you’re talking about nursery level, a kind of leap frog replacement — I get that, boot up some simple software for them to figure out awesome, any older and I feel they will just get to distracted, and when you reach teens and up its really only good for notes (in my opinion) as by then you would probably have a laptop. Aviation — I’ll be honest, didn’t think of this, but it sounds like they are using it as a navigation system and book keeper in one, cool if it works you know, but I will say my driving instructor uses his as his schedule and instruction guide, so it does work. One thing I did want to add was I’ve noticed a great use of it in daytime TV where they will use it (with twitter and Facebook) to interact with the viewers, this may not be a great deal but it certainly has increased viewer interaction with their TV shows as well as giving a wider debate to things by including people outside the live audience.

Video Games Console: A video games console is a device that plays video games. The player can input commands via a controller and can gauge feed back from the connected monitor (usually a TV). More recently however games consoles have become more an entertainment hub that just standard consoles, you can now digitally download movies or TV shows, stream with featured apps, live stream your gameplay to the world, interact via social media and can even be used to connect to your TV box. So rather than connecting your box to your TV, connect it to your Xbox one for example and your console can now watch regular cable TV.

Argument: “Video games are frowned upon by parents as time-wasters, and worse, some education experts think that these games corrupt the brain”.

Now, I know I said consoles but in essence consoles are the catalyst for games, consoles evolve to match the ever increasing quality of games and bring the games to homes. the games are the reason consoles sell so I think it is viable as they go hand in hand. Video games are proven to enhance reaction times and hand eye coordination, can be good as they can prepare you for failure in a safe environment, can be used to learn from and as are productive as reading a book or watching a film if not more engaging than either. The sight then continues on giving a list of reasons why games are good and games are bad. “Instead of letting your child indulge in watch TV, let him play a good video game instead on the console or the tablet. For young children, playing video games is better than watching TV”

I agree with this, games are engaging and for kids its like getting a challenge, story with fun elements when compared to watching TV. When compared like this gaming seems more of a fun learning tool where as TV makes you act like a sponge. Games consoles bring all this kind of debate and arguing, as well as stats to the popular front of the world. And especially since consoles are branching out with their services, are reasonably priced, and a greater focus on streaming content rather than paying for cable or sky as well as being all in one box, consoles are becoming more of a living room device, never mind a household device.

In the future I see consoles getting into a greater race with the PC. “The PC and Console War” right now PC is more advanced than consoles, but consoles have the advantage that they are cheaper and have a more of a streamlined service, there will probably come a point soon where either PC will move into the space of consoles or consoles will evolve to compete with PC on a statistical level having a sort all in one super entertainment system.

I’m going to post this link again at the bottom as it feeds into my conclusion, but I want to just mention about how games consoles are evolving and what they are doing for not only the tech industry but also the general public. The link above shows the holo lens, it’s a holographic display, another notable feat is VR headsets, there is becoming more emphasis on immersing yourself within a virtual reality, games are not only becoming the new market to try new ways of interactivity and ideas, it is also quickly catching up to the likes of TV and film for it’s narrative story telling and visuals, Soon I feel you won’t need to read a book as you could live the story instead. Gaming especially if you look at the mobile market is huge, games designed for on the go play or for something during your coffee break, It’s all there and most are free, you could argue that gaming has given more reasons for people to be on their phone or to stay in more, but I see it as the gateway to what will be one day the ultimate entertainment medium, but I’m not sure if the excites me or if it frightens me, the idea of complete escapism, you could literally travel to different worlds, but then the opposite of that could be we become more disconnected from reality.

Smart Watches:

“Receive and respond to notifications in an instant. Track your daily activity. Control your music using only your voice. Pay for groceries just like that. With Apple Watch, important information and essential features are always just a raise of the wrist away.”

Apple on the apple watch.

I am using this quote as to explain what some of the functions the watch has, and what better way but from apple themselves.

“Despite criticism that it leaves much to be desired in terms of usability, battery life, and other aspects”

“The second thing is that, as has been expected for a couple of months, the sales in the traditional watch market have fallen sharply

This article states that it is affecting the sale of actual watches, this isn’t really surprising to me, the point of owning a watch has been slowly diminishing ever since your phone has increased accessibility to being able to tell the time whenever. So when a watch that is able to to a lot more than just tell the time comes along it really doesn’t surprise me that its hitting the old school model. Though the first quote could be argued to be opinion as people feel differently on problems with things but the second quote is definitely based on factual data. I include this because it shows an effect that these watches are having on both the watch market and on people, wrist watches have always been around since people decided that they didn’t want to carry them in their pockets anymore (Also to note this is relevant to today, Coincidence? I think not) but even with phones, wrist watches have still been kicking within a niche, more collector market. And represent a level of sophistication (though I’m personally not a watch fan). So it feels an out with the old, in with the new kind of situation, it’s kind of sad to see something once iconic fade especially with a currently rather bland and similar market, but this might also give an insight into how things will develop into the future. Who knows, maybe phones are next.

This article lists 5 ways that the smart watch is still a dumb idea. They are; Battery Life, they don’t really compare to sport watches, you will look silly, they are as expensive as a phone and they are bad for your mental health.

I would argue that although I don’t like smart watches, but I can understand their battery life as they are relatively new, and lets not forget the change in battery life from an old more brick mobile to a smart phone, it’s frustrating but understandable, I think anyway. I actually see a benefit in the more sport oriented smart watches, especially with the focus on health, theses could potentially be aimed to wards a more needs area like alerts for illness or if you were about to have a seizure the watch could alert you, compared to smart watches which seem like more of a gimmick, but going back to what he is saying, I agree that they don’t compare within that field as that’s not their base intent but rather to be a peripheral. I think weather you look silly or not depends on a couple of factors, you, how self aware you are and the look and layout of your watch. Yes, the are expensive and I seriously don’ understand the want for one yet, they cost as much as a phone and can’t do as much as a phone, it’s like a glorified notification system for your phone. I sort of agree with his point on the mental health bit as he sees being glued to phones as an already dumbing device and that watches just enhance that by making you even closer to accessibility by rather it being in your pocket or hand, it’s already on your wrist, I agree that smart watches and phones aren’t going to make you smarter/ independent as they are designed to do things for you, but I don’t know if it will make much difference with the smart watch being closer to you than your phone. Lazier possibly but I’m not sure about lessening your intellect.


I personally think nothing much will come of smart watches in the future, I think there is something there though, with the idea to have everything you need on your wrist but I think it still needs work especially when your phone is more powerful. The way I see it, your phone, becomes a personal computer, it’s just a brick and your watch or display on your wrist acts as the monitor, freeing space and separating theses two elements, means the phone could be immensely more powerful with the freed up space and the display could then be its own size for what it needs to be, perhaps not eve that big if combined with something like Microsoft’s HoloLense.

The Smart watch bit becoming irrelevant and just a display, is what I mean. I don’t know if maybe they feel they are trying to get ahead and see it as the new market which would make sense for apple seeing as it is a company that likes to innovate, but unless they increase what the watch can do in the future I see it going the way of the PlayStation Vita — high tech great graphics, described as a portable ps3, doesn’t have many games, hasn’t sold a lot and is considered a failure. Although like I said before I do feel there is something already there with the idea of the more health conscious sports watches.

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