My Comment to Dan Pedersen’s Post “Value of Living in the Moment”

You’re right. Today, I choose gratitude for this moment.

The longer I am with Medium, the more I realize there is much wisdom to be found here. I have my favorite publications to read, my favorite authors, subjects, and even some really interesting pictures.

I am learning that my comment is actually my story. Each comment I give is actually a snapshot of who I am.

“Macro of a man with glasses focusing a camera lens at the viewer in front of an outdoor scene” by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Recently I read a quick post from Dan Pedersen in Personal Growth title, “The Value of Living in the Moment”.

To me, the entire article was summed up in this one sentence.

Anything worth accomplishing in the future is no more valuable than what you can experience in this present moment. Dan Pedersen

You see, I am a planner. I adore it. My next vacation is 187 days away (7 day Carnival Cruise vacation) and I have 95% of the vacation completely mapped out. I know the hotel I going to stay in pre-cruise, I’ve got the Uber and the Lyft app on my phone ready to make the quick ride from the hotel to the port. Nine-thirty a.m., I will have the kids’ luggage repacked, and ready to go. (Mine will be done by 8:45). I have the shore excursions planned for 2 of the 3 ports. And, the detailed list of packing?!?!, well…it’s ready too.

When I think what Dan wrote about what is worth accomplishing, it makes me stop and ponder my actions. What is worth accomplishing in the future? The word ‘accomplish’ renders the idea of success or the finishing of a task.

Is the finished goal, of what I am pursuing today, worth what I am doing today?

To me, that is exactly what Dan is trying to say. He is telling me YES! The joy and excitement of my goals are worth experiencing right now.

I am not promised another day. There may not be a cruise for me in 187 days. Yet, all my happiness will not be found on that cruise vacation.

I hope I’m going to have a great time with my family.

I hope that no one gets seasickness, food poisoning, that there aren’t 20-foot swells, and no sunburns (yes, these have all happened to us before!), but my happiness is right now.

Johanna Galyen & daughter

Contentment and joy can be found today. Looking towards an exciting event like a cruise is great.

Enjoying today is just as thrilling. Laughter with friends, smiles of children, snuggles from my daughter, sipping some delicious sweet tea after a Sunday dinner — all these are blessings that can be enjoyed today.

These blessings didn’t cost me much. In fact, financially I was out very little. However, the joy that fills my heart seeing her smile, no money in the world can replace it.

When we go on our vacation, this little girl will be 8. Right now, she’s still 7. My last baby.

Her big blue eyes melt my heart, and remind me how blessed I am to be her Momma.

This is the value that I find from today. This is the present moment. And I am thankful for it.