Why People Hire Creative Agencies

We’ve just reached the end of another project here at Glue — a mobile application for a Scottish arts festival. Published on both iOS and Android, the app provides visitors to the festival with competition results, event times and a map to see where all of the events are taking place. This will be added into the portfolio when the main Glue website’s redesigned — something we’re in the middle of doing now. It’s this process of redesigning the website that got us thinking — why do people actually hire creative agencies and how can we best reach our target market.

Creative Agency — The Name

“Creative Agency” will probably either bring into your minds eye the image of 1960’s style Mad Men office or a hip and trendy Shoreditch office. Either way, there’ll more than likely be people discussing ideas about art or creativity. While this is true in some ways — the purpose of a creative agency is to create something beautiful; the actual job of a creative agency (in 90% of cases, the other 10% being public services or charities) is to make more money for the people that gave them the job in the first place.

Let’s look at a simplified (faux) case study:

Bob’s Burgers

Bob is a man who sells burgers. He knows everything there is to know about burgers and could certainly fry up a better burger than me. No one knows about Bob’s Burgers though — because his logo looks like dirt pushed between two beige lumps and no one wants to go to his van, which is on a row full of vans with a clear message — “Our Burger’s Taste Great”.

Now, Bob needs a new logo. He doesn’t need a new logo because he wants to impress his peers — he needs a new logo because that new logo will get the drunken masses looking at his van and thinking — “Damn, I want one of Bob’s Burgers”. The money Bob has spent on a new logo, will be reclaimed in burger sales within a few weeks or months.

Isn’t This Obvious Though?

Well, sort of, but at the same time not instantly. One of the most useful pieces of advice I ever received was:

“People don’t buy a drill bit because they want a drill bit, people buy a drill bit because they want a hole in a wall”

This is the sort of thinking more people need to employ when looking at creative agencies. You’re not contacting a creative agency because you want a new logo, website, app or anything else they can make. You’re contacting a creative agency because you want to make more money.

If you’d like to find out how we can work together to make something excellent, send an email to hello@gluestudio.co.uk and we’ll be back in touch asap.

Originally published at blog.gluestudio.co.uk on October 19, 2016.

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