People Who Know

  • small- and large- screen smartphones
  • tablets and phablets
  • notebooks, laptops, and desktops
  • wifi/cast TV
  • … and smart speakers

People Who Don’t Know

Podcasting Industry





Listening Modes

  • Appointment — conforming to a radio or TV program’s scheduled air date and start time, often allocating that block of time for listening or viewing. With radio, that block might be coincidental to a commute or other daily routine. Whether attended in person (local) or via cast (remote), this is the only mode for LIVE EVENTS to be “experienced in the moment”. This is typically a high level of engagement unless one is simply “along for the ride”. Producers and consumers synchronize their watches and, when the time comes, the show is ON. Be there or tune in… right then.
  • Drop-in mid-stream — radio and TV on the fly. Get into your car, turn on the radio, select a station/genre, listen to whatever is on; turn on the TV, flip a few channels, begin watching a show in the middle. Accept the flow of content as it is provided. This is likely the lowest engagement level because it is essentially UNSYNCHRONIZED production and consumption, almost as if it happens by accident and both sides just make the best of it.
  • Start-at-the-Start — get out the old vinyl record player, DVD player, MP3 player (now just software on our smartphones), or sign on to Netflix, choose exactly the podcast, song, movie, or concert desired… and start from the beginning. Enjoy its completeness as if it happened in real time and as the creator intended. Anticipated and planned, it is clearly a very high level of engagement.

The Audience Chooses

DIY — Do It Yourself
  • on vacation
  • at work
  • traveling


REALITY (count of podcast series/programs)


podcast listeners start at beginning and drop off, esp. first 5 minutes

IN MY NEXT ARTICLE, let’s examine THIS particular behavior in greater detail.


2016 Advertising Revenue

As mentioned, the next article continues…




Building the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform

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Building the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform

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