AfterPod — Not Hosts, Podcast Hosting


DIY Hosting

Concierge Hosting

Would you like fries with your order?
  • Show Formats and Season Strategy Consulting
  • Graphics and Copywriting
  • Guest Scheduling
  • Episode Editing
  • Voice and Music Intros
  • Show Notes and Transcripts
  • Voice and Interview Coaching
  • Social Media Promotion

Hosting FOR Amateurs

Hosting BY Amateurs

  • Data loss — after uploading files to the host server and entering metadata info for the RSS Feed (title, description, etc.), a podcaster could lose that data. A copy of the show is usually kept but what about that metadata?
  • Feed entanglement — some hosts take tight control of the podcast RSS feed and any podcaster deciding to switch to another vendor is completely dependent on them to complete that process. No problem… if they are cooperative.
  • Poor performance — generally slow or inconsistently server connections are a symptom of a poorly managed system or a management overloading systems (typically driven by economics).

Commodity Hosting

Mainstream Podcast Hosting

Prime Show Hosting

Podcast Network Hosting

Future Hosting?

Archive Hosting

Any Hosting

Basic Podcast Hosting Features

  • RSS Feed Import — it is not hard to “slurp” in the feed itself, and sometimes that’s enough, but it’s also nice to be able to facilitate the transfer meta data from any previous service
  • Outbound Migration Tool — IF you become a customer, how can you leave (and take relevant data)?
  • Easy Publishing Tool — after recording the podcast, you upload the file to your host using whatever facility they provide. Normally, such a dashboard will do a lot of work for you — episode numbering, metadata handling, and RSS feed generation — streamlining the production process is important in any business.
  • Control Your RSS Feed — this seems so basic…but it does involve networking, and some people don’t understand it. Do this: register your own domain name, it’s cheap. This will be core to your “brand”. Use it for your website, which might reside on one hosting platform and available on the internet via Use it for your RSS feed, like or and “route it” to your chosen media hosting service (this way, if you decide to change hosts, YOU can point it to another one yourself and are not dependent on the “old” host for such a change… think: hostage). You can use your domain for email and other things, too… each service can be on a different host. Networking is fun.
  • Analytics — this can range from basic to sophisticated and is a deep topic, which we will address in even greater detail… another day. Critical to this component, however, are integrity and consistency. NOTE: we’re talking SHOW analytics here, from the initial download request to in-show segments. Most podcast hosting firms offer some version of this. If you talk to a “regular website” hosting company (not specializing in podcasts), they will be referring to WEB PAGE analytics, which is a different thing.

Note to Podcasters:





Building the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform

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Building the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform

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