AfterPod — Simple Podcast Math

There’s a lot going on in podcasting… exciting times for this emerging media segment and the future looks bright. Now might be a good time, though, to take a step back and add a little perspective.

Although consumption has almost tripled in the past decade, only 26% of Americans 12+ listened to a podcast last month.


Edison Research (April, 2018)

Apple vs Google

Lusting for new listeners (and viewers… there ARE video podcasts), many podcasters think a native Android podcast app has the potential to significantly increase audience… that Google will add a dramatic boost to the industry.

I think they are grossly over-estimating the impact.

Besides, while a native app might help nominally, it’s not like there aren’t any apps that do the job… there are MANY.

What if…?

Yet, there would still only be 52% of people enjoying podcasts.


And 48% still sitting on the sidelines.


How Large is the Total Potential Audience?

However, it will take a lot more than a native Android app — or any typical media player — to make that happen.

Just my opinion.

From time to time, I write about podcasting and usually link to the articles on as well as post on Twitter. Here’s a recent one about podcast hosting companies.

I’m also creating a web media tool for people who want to access internet resources in a more intelligent manner. You can see the first deployment, still a work-in-progress, at

If you’re an experienced tech or innovative marketer, let’s talk about how we can influence the future of web media together. I can’t do this alone.

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