Medium’s New Logo…

… is marginal.

With all due respect to Ev et al, this logo needs another look, IMHO.

screenshot Medium logo and favicon on 2015–10–15

A good logo must, first and foremost, be “readable”… the object, whether art or text, should communicate without confusion. And while ART is in the eye of the beholder, a BUSINESS LOGO has a job to do.

There’s the starting letter M at the core — the traditional go-to for logo foundations — but what happened? Just a series of decision compromises? Or under the spell of some Svengali designer?

The 3D effect washes out the M… and I start to see more of an N! Branding should be strong and clear. Did anyone mention it looks like an N at a meeting?

Or some geometry including a left-facing triangle. Or is it a sideways Z? See what happens once you get the imagination wandering….?

Happily, entities change branding with the times… nothing is carved in stone anymore. Whether I like the logo or not, it is likely to change. Same true of ANY logo out there. Hopefully for the better.

BTW, I enjoy Medium and always want those surrounding me to improve at every opportunity (kaizen).

To show that love:

Hey, Charles Forman

Your post “Is there a way to block content on Medium?” addresses a solid issue but comes across a bit caustic. While I sense you are sensitive to the overuse of “I” and “me” by some who are pretty sold on “self”, your larger point is valid.

Sadly, it might be that “loud” is the way to be seen given the volume of content flooding our lives… but that certainly cannot be sustained, nor should it.

Content should not have to INTERRUPT its way onto our radar. How DO we find good content… as defined by each of us?

Or how can good content FIND US?

Simple (or complex) FILTERING is the obvious approach — based less on hard text, though, like regular search engines — with more emphasis on concepts and connections.

Blocks of related content are increasingly being identified and categorized in standard packages AND made available for selective automatic retrieval. Filtering on that block metadata will deliver MORE of what you want and LESS of what you don’t… a continual flow of personalized content from an array of sources.

SO STAY TUNED: I predict it won’t be long and you will be granted your wish on more platforms than Medium. But it is currently evolving tech. I’m betting Medium is working on it.

As long as I’m at it…

In defense of Gary Vaynerchuk:

My problems with GaryVee are the same as with RAP MUSIC:

  • too many F bombs (no problem with word, just too F’n repetitious)
  • pace too frenetic
  • yo

But there are some very good rap songs… and some very good garyvee. He states it like he sees it and he often sees it correctly.

ONLY LAST WEEK in front of a live audience, he looked many rising entrepreneurs in the eye and CALLED THEM OUT for their audacity to tout themselves as “life coaches” while still in their early 20's.

My kind of guy.

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