Seth’s Seven… Remix

I love Seth Godin, his sharing, and his writing. As a developer in the podcasting space, I noticed a recent tweet:

His SEVEN LINKS provide an excellent opportunity to show how technology is affecting HOW we share podcasts.

As web media technologies continue to both mature and converge, we try for a better listener experience. Below are links to the SAME SEVEN PODCASTS Seth mentions above, this time using deep media links at, the first deployment of my VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform. Compare the different user experience to following those links in that original tweet.

Emma Gannon, with a focus on new careers.

podcast single episode, annotation list view
guest start link: Ctrl Alt Delete

link directly to start of guest segment; play in web browser

Talking lawyers.

podcast guest start link: Building NewLaw

On marketing with the insightful Sonia Simone on Rainmaker.

podcast guest start link: Copyblogger FM

Elin Barton on thin ice.

podcast guest start link: Ready Set Grit

Reid and June have a new podcast about scale.

Not Seth, but he’s recommending this new podcast… give it a try!

podcast series, list view
link: Masters of Scale

episode list; play on the web

How we solved the altMBA with The Solution.

podcast guest start link: The Solution

Talking writing with CC Chapman.

podcast single episode, annotation timeline view 
(yes, you can toggle list and timeline views)
guest start link: Why I Write

This is only one version… others will come up with more “looks” but the same unified experience.


it’s much easier to drop right in on the part of the podcast you’re most interested in. In this case, the Seth part! If the host is good and I enjoy the show format, I’ll check out more of that podcast.

There’s much more to come… it’s a work in progress.