Time Is Shifting

I enjoy when someone examines a mundane topic, such as sound, from a fresh and intelligent perspective. A new podcast series called Showcase, from @Radiotopia, has released its first episode and…

It sounds good.

That is, @dada_drummer explores the subject of SOUND from a variety of perspectives. This is my favorite approach to understanding the nuances of a topic! The Showcase podcast promises to do some of the “smart” work for me, so I’m in!



The first episode examines the TIME aspect of sound, which includes the TIMING in music.

Due to technological advances in the ways music can be created, we have transitioned from wholly analog creation to largely digital… and all that comes with it.

It is one thing to simply “convert a sound” to digital format, which allows delivery of that sound package FAR BEYOND the reach of any “normal sound”, if it sounds pretty much the same when we listen to it. It is another to manipulate that sound along the way (think “auto-tune” and “sampling”) or create it synthetically from the beginning.

And yet another thing still to BENIGNLY introduce a pervasive, regimented BEAT to music that is incessant. Unlike “real” beats laid down by a human drummer who gives the music a natural ebb and flow, digital music is almost robotic in its driving beat… ever-so-perfect.

Honestly, there are times when I WANT a driving beat… or a slow steady rhythm… to help achieve a near meditation state but while working. At times, I have listened to EDM and coded for many hours straight with remarkable productively.

Other times, I only want to hear PEOPLE perform their music LIVE… with feeling… including naturally transitional tempos.

Only The Beginning

Now consider the TIMELINESS of what we hear… and the growing disconnects.

LISTEN: “When you read it, it’s history… when you hear it, it’s news.”

Communication is complex and becoming increasingly so due to “asynchronous* delivery” of data/input. Things are coming at us in a disjointed fashion, mostly out of sequence, leaving us to reassemble them into logical order.

No longer can we assume a chronological flow of information nor formulate our responses in such an autonomic manner. We are being forced to THINK more… to sort events correctly.

What seems like a simple task CAN be challenging.

Now, LISTEN to the first episode of the Showcase podcast (23:15).

*“Asynch” is when snippets of data are independently retrieved and then reassembled for presentation within a web page (versus an entire page being reconstructed when you request new information).

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