Discover The Place Where You Nestle In The Greek Island Of Paxos For Holiday Trip !

If you want to celebrate your vacation time somewhat different perception of nature in a quiet place, then Paxos is the best Greek island in the Ionian happen. It is really a different way to enjoy your holiday under the isolate shades of the natural beauty. If you are a person who is always looking for a holiday destination where you can have fun and enjoy the night life, then you should start planning your trip to the beautiful island of Paxos.

Breathtaking view from pool of Glyfada Beach Villas in evening

Unwind with the natural surrounding with Olive Groves

This is a wonderful place to explore the natural environment, the friendly locals, and the old-fashioned arrangement. The island is limited in the region of 19 square kilometers. So, it is the place where you can give a beautiful opportunity to your feet to cross over the island in walking pathways by the environmental Olive grove. While going through the island, please make sure you have a map in your hand to be guided if it is lost somewhere.

Explore with light of the sun and Sea in Paxos

It is just 10 miles away from the south of Corfu, because you have to take the ferry ride from here to the main port of Paxos. Unfortunately, or we could say fortunately there is no airport, which provides visitant with a beautiful chance to explore the sea en route, which is clinquant in the sunlight. Thanks to the absence of the airport, the island is still fresh and untouched by tourists, because very select crowd of visitors who have no sea sickness comes to this island.

Sunrise in Glyfada Beach Villas

Nestled With wild nature and beaches

Everywhere on the island, you can find the carpet of wild flowers, olive trees and cypresses. The west coast has caves and limestone cliffs. So, just hire a boat and travel to the west coast. The east coast is quite gentle with bays, olive trees, and hills. In Paxos, you will find about 30 beaches with all pebbles, except man-made Mongonissi beach which is sandy. If you are going to walk along the beach, then do not forget to wear shoes on the beach because to protect your feet from the pebbles. The Azure and calm sea water is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Blue Water in Glyfada Beach

Transcendent with the Greek village situated near the harbors of Paxos

Loogos, Gaios and Lakka there are three main villages located near the harbors. Gaios is the main and the biggest village on Paxos, where you can find restaurants, tavernas and taste the Greek dish. This is also the only village where you can find ATM. Lakka, on the other hand is more preferable from visitors stay who are on a budget. It is popular because of the number of bars, restaurants and taverns shaded. Logos is the smallest one and is known as a fishing village. This village is very beautiful to show you the old-fashioned Greek settlement.

Loggos is the smallest one and is known as the fishing village. And this village is very beautiful to show you the Greek old-fashioned arrangement.

Several Tavernas and bars are there to offer you something great food and drinks. You just enjoy your lunch or dinner in one of the harbor side Tavernas. You can also shop some ingredients from the local vendors, whether to prepare your meal in the rental villa. You will hardly find hotels here to stay. Most visitors rent villa apartments which provide the entire luxurious facilities at the most affordable price.

Rental of the Ionian villa in Paxos

IonianVillas at Paxos

You can also rent one of the Ionian Islands villas that can offer you the desired luxury within your budget. Almost every rented villa on this island is known for its natural environment and tranquility. Not only can you enjoy the tranquility of the beaches and other scenic places, but with the same tranquility can experience relaxation rented villa apartment.