Rules And Regulations Related To Driving In Greece

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Feb 18 · 3 min read

Renting a car to explore the beauty of any place while visiting any new place has become a common activity among the tourists across the world, and therefore hiring the car rental service in Paxos by the visitors on this smallest island in the Ionian Sea is not an exception to this. But, driving a car is difficult for most of the tourists due to the practice right-hand driving applicable in the country, thus you need to be a little bit careful. Because, a little mistake might push you to pay a heavy fine for breaking the traffic rules, therefore, if you are planning to visit Paxos Island or any other city of Greece you must understand the traffic rules to avoid any problem.

The important rules which should be kept in concern while driving in Greece are referred above:

→ Parking: Unlike other countries, you cannot park your car in the street or in front of the shop you want to go in, especially if you are visiting the country during the tourist seasons. In big cities, you will find parking meters for charging the parking fees from you according to the timing for which you have parked your car. To avoid any issue related to the parking it is better to confirm from the hotel in which you stay that it has sufficient space for car parking.

→ Financial Penalties: Talking on the phone while driving is although illegal in all the countries across the world, but there are lots of countries where some kind of relaxation is given to the drivers and allows them to talk by using the Bluetooth compatible device. But, this is not in Greece, you will not only be fined but also be stopped from driving further. Besides this, if you are found driving without a seat belt or sitting on the front passenger seat without a seat belt then you also will be fined according to the rules. Moving ahead, if you are driving above the fixed driving speed, then also the traffic authorities will fine you and may even seize your driving license.

→ Age of the Driver: The legal driving age for the tourists renting a car in Greece should be between 23 years to 70 years. With this, the driver should have an International driving license and has a driving experience of a minimum of two years. The person who has signed the contract with a car renting company will be liable to only drive the vehicle, until unless there is no clause for the second person to drive the rented car.

→ Tolls: Alike other countries, you will find the toll plazas while moving to different places. The charges of toll for a normal passenger car varies between 2.5–3.5 euros.

Narrow and rough roads: The problem which most of the tourists face while driving in Greece are rough and narrow roads, whether you are driving in the major cities or to an island. Moreover, due to the hilly region, most of the roads are developed on the hills, which indirectly increases the speed of your vehicle. It is therefore recommended to retain proper control on your driving speed. One more thing which needs to be mentioned here importantly is that you should update your maps or a GPS, because at most of the places you will find the traffic instructions and signs in the Greek language, therefore to avoid any confusion it is better to keep yourself updated. The best way however to avoid any confusion is to seek help from natives and reach your destination safely.

Be sensitive on the road: Finally the last but not the least, be extra conscious as you might find motorbike riders passing suddenly close to your vehicle. Also, if you are moving through the rural areas, then you might also find a group of animals like cows and goats crossing your way and interrupting your journey.

In short, it can be said that driving in Greece is not as easy as it has been in your country or any other country, you need to cautious to avoid any problem. As far as finding the car of your choice is concerned there are lots of luxury car rental groups who will offer you the privilege of renting the car of your choice at the charges that best suit your pocket.

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