An open letter to Bernie Sanders

Dear Bernie Sanders,

First off, I want to Thank You for opening my eyes to what is really going on in our corrupt two party system of government. I am a much more informed and engaged — although quite discouraged– voter turned political activist because of you. I have learned the terms oligarchy, demagoguery, duopoly; and about the many injustices; climate, social, racial, and economic. I’ve watched the CSpan video clips of your filibuster speeches in the House and the Senate, and was encouraged by your dedication to change our government from one which benefits large corporations and the billionaire class to a government that benefits all people. You didn’t take their money — you could not be bought. Your campaign was financed by the people for the people — or so I thought.

Then I learned another new term, “sheep dogging”, as alluded to in this blog for which I was interviewed: The realization hit me like a slap in the face: I, along with hundreds of thousands of others who had volunteered for your campaign often with great personal sacrifice for over a year, had been led to Hillary Clinton! The Wall Street corporately financed candidate who has supposedly been moved to embrace the most “progressive platform in history”. The old bait and switch brought to you by the Progressive Democrats of America.

In hindsight the signs were there all along. The failure of the campaign to investigate voter suppression in Arizona and Puerto Rico; the mysterious party switching and 100,000 plus voters purged from the rolls in Brooklyn, New York; the millions of votes not counted in California. Then just days before the “contested convention” barely a whimper from campaign officials when emails describing the DNC’s efforts to sabotage your campaign, often with the help of the main stream media, were leaked.

It was an honor to represent you and the voters of my congressional district who voted for us. I proudly wore all my Bernie buttons, Stop the TPP armband and held up my no TPP signs. But the realization started to sink in: This convention was not so much a convention as it was a four day infomercial, the nominee having been decided 8 years ago. The third day I was denied a seat with my delegation and returned to my $500.00 per night hotel room to watch it on TV. I returned my credential the fourth day because really, what was the point?

However, I do not regret one moment of the last year. I have worked alongside some of the most dedicated and compassionate people I have ever met. People who are committed to being the change needed to take back our government from the 1% by any means necessary. The time for the revolution is NOW. We got this — for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.


C. Sandy Przybylak, Elected delegate NY26

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