Survival of the Richest

Contrary to what you may read, not all of the nation’s billionaires are seeking to better the interests of the middle class by serving in the Trump Cabinet. In fact, some of the worlds’ great risk takers, including leading hedge fund managers and Silicon Valley techies, are seeking safety from the cataclysmic events they foresee arising out of 21st century political tumult, potential natural disasters and ever-expanding economic inequality by investing in condos in former missile silos in Kansas and fortified bunkers in remote New Zealand.

Now it may seem odd that those who make a living betting on the future would take such a pessimistic view of it. But why wouldn’t the top hedge fund managers and social media gurus, each of whom probably make more than every public servant in America combined, spend a few of their hard-earned bucks to protect themselves and their families even if the downfall of civilization is only a remote possibility? They take pride in their ability to disrupt the status quo, but have the resources to protect themselves against the chaotic aftermath.

Now those of us who remember air raid drills and bomb shelters filled with canned goods that were intended to protect us from a Soviet nuclear attack in the ’60s may find this whole survivalist trend ludicrous. After all, even as second graders in Sister Blanche’s class, we doubted that putting our heads under our desks would really protect us from the inevitable Russian A-bombs raining down on us. But these guys are dead serious, and the trend seems to be growing.

Of course, the new survivalists have done as much as any identifiable group to create the potential chaos and income disparities that are the source of their concern over civil unrest. But this urge to become self-sufficient is typical of the narcissistic self-absorption that has become so prevalent in this country. At one time, the wealthiest robber barons, including Carnegies and Rockefellers, cleansed their consciences by creating great institutions of learning and culture. In contrast, our current economic elite is arming themselves, packing their hundred million dollar Picassos and heading for the hills. So much for our common sense of humanity.

For years we have been told that we can’t count on our institutions. Big government, organized religion, the mainstream media: they have all let us down. According to the new fear mongers, they can only count on themselves. And, of course, their private pilots. Do you think they plan on taking public transportation when TSHTF?

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