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Your Fun-hogging, Epic, Adventuring Moments Celebrate the Climbing Spirit For Batso’s Birthday

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Sit down and mull this over: Five miles down a terrible dirt road, three hours into a gnarly approach, dark clouds ominously threatening, have you had the thought run through your head: “Am I really that stoked to do this?” Yet for some (unknown) reason, you keep trudging up the trail, wiggle into your harness, and tie into a rope that’ll take you to the top of a climb that inevitably changes your perspective — on how you approach the day, the week, maybe even the year — and you’ll regret ever questioning your resolve.

Sometimes the journey IS the adventure

In encountering those pre-climb moments, Jack and Amanda Schuler — Colorado-based Gneiss Apparel Supply Co. founders, designers, and new parents — found inspiration to celebrate the uncrushable spirit characterizing climbers regardless of their circumstances. In recognizing that we, as climbers, belong to something larger than ourselves, this celebration of those “adventure times” moments belongs to our community, not just the Gneiss team.

Still sitting? This story of what it means to climb — for the scare, the glory, the thrill, the laughs — is a story of not just us, but of you. It is a story that we’re telling over the next two weeks, leading up to the birthday celebration of one of climbing’s original personalities, Warren “Batso” Harding. And, it’s a story that we want you to help write.

Read the full story here.

Jack and Amanda gearing up to climb
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