Reasons to Choose Magento Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

Magento hosting is popular because this is a robust ecommerce-friendly script which has been created by Varien. Magento is open source and free of cost; it makes use of MS SQL databases and Zend PHP. Magento has a modular set-up which is highly scalable. There are many control options which users of Magento hosting can benefit from.

Why should you sign up for Magento Hosting?

The best part about choosing Magento hosting is that this script is highly intuitive, so managing products is easy. You can create product catalogues and manage these seamlessly. It is possible to add multiple images for a single product. You can review the products and let buyers create wish lists for their favorite products. Product browsing and catalogue browsing becomes simple for users with the help of product filtering options. You can even compare different products to make an informed choice. Finally, you can update product batches and handle the inventory, manage the shipments and also integrate a variety of payment methods.

When you choose Magento hosting, you get to enjoy many customer service benefits. So, you can allow your buyers to create their personal accounts on your site. They can even contact you through customized forms and track their shopping history. To cater to needs of buyers from different countries, it is also possible for you to choose custom language settings and different currency settings.

Magento hosting is also beneficial because you can even integrate this into Google Analytics accounts to analyze buyer behavior. The data will then help you to make changes to get better results. You may even use advanced SEO options which Magento offers to be able to improve your rankings in search engines. This will ensure that your customers can find you faster.

With Magento hosting, you can also make use of their handy marketing and promotion tools. So, you may organize promotions with coupon codes.

Magento developers will benefit from user-friendly tools for adding new pages to their sites and updating the site content from time to time. Using the navigation and linking tools developers can get their work done faster. Besides, the developers can also run and manage multiple businesses in a hassle-free manner. Earlier, managing more than one store from a single panel was rather difficult.

Magento hosting is also scalable being written in PHP. It is rather simple to incorporate new features depending upon the requirements of the projects.

Magento hosting is absolutely secure and the data about an online business pertaining to products or customers, transactions and orders will never be accessible to others without proper authorization.

Finally, Magento has carved out a name for itself because it is mobile friendly. So it is possible to integrate stores across different devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops through its apps.

These are some of the key reasons why Magento hosting is recommended for ecommerce websites. It was released first way back in 2008 and since has grown in popularity. It has proved to be a great platform for catering to all kinds of shopping preferences.

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