What Do You Require from Your Email Service Providers?

It is crucial for every business to have an efficient and smooth communication system. Although several new communication channels have opened in the form of social media, individuals and businesses still rely on the email for all their correspondence. Do you think you will be able to manage with a free email service providers or manage on your own with in-house servers?

Do not fall into the trap of free services:

You must bear in mind, free email services are good for individuals and small businesses up to an extent but in the long run, you will find your competitors are way ahead of you. You save money but they earn their money from commercial advertisements. Commercials are a distraction and carry the possibilities of spams and virus attacks. Businesses generally avoid such emails and your emails may go into the trash box even without being read. Alternately, you can opt for hosted email service at a fixed monthly fee. There are plenty of email service providers available but it is vital that you choose your provider meticulously after a lot of deliberations.

In-depth study of your needs:

You must clearly understand what your organization requires. Do not mix it up with what you want. Look for email service providers that will meet your requirements. Consider

Budget: Every requirement of yours can be obtained but at a price. If you are a small business, you must prioritize your requirements.
Scalable: Your likely requirements in near future. The providers should be able to manage scalability since the data keeps increasing as the business grows. 
Add-ons: Do you wish to integrate with outside databases like CRM systems, Google Analytics etc. 
Support: What are your technical capabilities? However skilled you are, you need a provider who offers support 24/7.

Services you expect from the host:

The most crucial requirement for your business is uptime. You must make sure the email service providers guarantee an uptime of at least 99.95%. They should provide you the maximum security to your incoming and outgoing emails through data encryption while being transmitted to avoid being intercepted and misused. Your email servers should have inbuilt firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus filters. They should provide you with automated tools such as auto-responders, alerts about suspicious emails etc. Another vital requirement is they should be having a 24/7 support team to assist you in case something goes wrong with the server.

Do a background check on the email service providers that you shortlisted. They should be financially stable and have good experience and provide you with the best infrastructure adhering to all safety and security norms laid down by various governing bodies. It is more crucial if you are a small business and would want to focus more on your core business rather than get diverted by email server issues.

You could also consider the cost-effective corporate email hosting for your business. It comes with additional features that allows better collaboration among the employees with shared address book, folders, calendars, chats where one can update their reports and communicate with one another without being physically present in the business premises.