I Used to Love Star Wars

My ex loves Star Wars. The girls love Star Wars. Our youngest even had a Star Wars party where she dressed as Anakin, there’s no accounting for taste I guess.

I used to love Star Wars

When The Force Awakens was coming out, the girls were excited for months and months beforehand. And we bought tickets for them to see it on the day it came out. We were gutted when we realised we didn’t have them that day, and I jumped through hoops to get new tickets for the day they came back to us. They were ecstatic, they loved it.

And as Rogue One comes out, no doubt my ex has arranged to take the girls at the earliest opportunity. And I am sure they will all love it.

But I can’t even get mildly excited or interested. All the reviews and hype about Rogue One just cause me to break down in tears, reminding me I won’t be seeing it with them, I won’t be making the caramel popcorn they love so much and I won’t be there for them to talk to me about it for days and days and weeks after.

I used to love Star Wars, but now like so many things it’s something I want to run and hide from