Get More Done and Become Successful with ‘The Pockets of Time’ Trick

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Everyone is short on time. That’s a cold hard fact.

But, there’s a way of making time out of existing time. It sounds strange but it’s true.

The ‘Pockets of Time’ trick isn’t some far fetched, high budget illusion conjured up by a David Copperfield type character — it’s simply a means of being more economical with your time — and getting stuff done.

How does it work? Let us explain…

We’ve all been there: feeling overstretched and under appreciated. Always on the back foot working, carrying out chores, adhering to social commitments. There seems little time to start that new business venture, write that book, or take that course. But, there is time to do those things, you just have to find it. Here’s how…

Sit down and look at your calendar. Now look closer. Think about the times you sit stationary with little to do: sitting on a bus or subway to work and back, waiting for your clothing to dry, gazing into space during your lunch breaks, or those afternoons when you watch repeats of your favourite Netflix box set. These are the small but consistent pockets of time that will allow you to take care of your daily business while working towards your the goals and dream that really matter.

Once you’ve taken a long, hard look through the looking glass, sat down and create a sub-schedule alongside your main one, and identified those regular pockets of time, you’ll be in the driver’s seat towards success. Write down daily or weekly milestones you’d like to achieve within each of those time pockets — even if it only amounts to a three hours per week, it’s 180 minutes per week closer you’ll be towards accomplishing your mission.

Each time you complete a milestone, you will feel more motivated in every area of your life and at a certain point, you’ll be reaping rewards beyond your wildest dreams — and it will all have started from identifying those all-important pockets of time. It’s really that simple. Do it now — you’ve no time to waste.

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