In part two, I will provide what I believe are some broader implications of the blockchain and BoardRoom on human governance.

Giving the Power of Governance to Everyone

The End of Governance Gate-keeping

It’s easy to get lost in the technological shuffle of the underlying systems of BoardRoom. But ultimately, the power comes from the fact that we are packaging and providing contractual governance technology to everyone. Whether that be the owner of a multi-billion dollar hedge-fund or a small gym in rural Alaska. Everyone will be given access to these utilities that were once only available to the very powerful and wealthy. To set these systems up in the conventional way takes countless hours of legal work, contract construction and has bred enormous amount of legal businesses to do so. …

In part one, I will provide an overview of BoardRoom’s contractual design.

Design Defaults and Possibilities

Leaving Room for Expansion

BoardRoom aims to provide a starting point for governance systems on Ethereum. The architecture is designed in a way that can be modularly reconstructed or altered in the future. By providing default components as a starting point, it allows for a marketplace of governance services to develop, with tailored services to meet specific market demands for these systems.

The idea here, is to provide defaults that make governance simple, but allow expansion and creative growth to take over in the future. At the core of each Board is an identity and transaction proxy that is so non-committal to its surrounding governance systems, the design possibilities are endless. One could build a default version of BoardRoom in one single governance structure, or one could build it in several modular contracts. Similarly, one can design a completely different governance system altogether, using BoardRoom defaults to get off the ground. Design defaults are good, because they allow a starting point, however, good smart contractual design underneath is what really allows for maximal flexibility with respect to changing governance systems in the future. …


BoardRoom DApp

A next-generation blockchain governance apparatus.

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