Fall Wardrobe Refresh

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Shameless (and slightly embarrassing) plug: I used to be a fashion model. In my prime, I had the privilege of working with companies like Macy’s, Levi and many more. Along the way, I’ve learned a few things about fashion and believe me… Your shirt is too big! I’ll share some great tips to style you out in no time.

So, Fall is here and you need to refresh your wardrobe. Some of us have gained a few and others have lost a few pounds. Either way, Fall is my favorite time of year to restock the warmer gear and prep for SWEATER SEASON! I suggest you subscribe to a company’s email list, as you will never have to pay full price for clothing again. It might clutter your email a bit, but when you’re saving 20–40%, you’ll thank yourself for allowing them to spam you.

Some of my favorite lines for Men- Christmas is coming, ladies and gents :)


  • 25% off of spends of $175 or more with code: GEEWHIZ (this will expire soon)
  • Save 20% when you subscribe and place your first order
  • They have style guide shops- You go in and meet with a guide. They give you recommendations and help make sure your new goods fit perfectly, then they mail it to your house, free of charge!


  • 40% off all Fall Favs- This is good for women’s clothing, as well!

How To Ensure The Proper Fit

  • Shirts
  • Too Big-The sewing seam, at the top of the shoulders, should sit just on the outside of your shoulders. If it’s too far on the outside (most men have this problem), YOUR SHIRT IS TOO BIG!
  • Too Small-The opposite problem is when guys look like they’re wearing their little brother’s shirt (seam is on the inside of the shoulder). We call that a size Shmedium (small/medium). Don’t do that. Donate that bad boy, please.
  • Just Right- There’s not much better than a shirt that fits well. Shoulder’s sit perfectly, underarms are comfortable (but no extra material), length should not go past the pocket line, on the front of your pants.
  • Sweaters
  • Too Big- A little sweater bulge is normal, but it you shouldn’t be swimming in a pool of wool. Get out of your comfort zone and size yourself down. Go from XL to L or L to M. Trust me, fam!
  • Too Small-If you’re constantly tugging your sweater down, to cover your belly… umm, 6pack, then it’s either too small or too old and needs to be replaced. I know it’s your favorite, but it’s time to let it go. RIP security blanket.
  • Just Right- A perfectly fitted sweater should feel like Christmas morning.

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