10 unique campsites in Belgium

For camping in an adventurous and unique way, there’s no need to sit in the car for hours and drive to the south of France or the North of Norway. Also Belgium has a lot of possibilities. And yes, there’s more than some boring campsites at the seaside. In Belgium you can camp in the middle of the city, in the untouched nature or even in the middle of a lake! We made a list of the coolest campsites in Belgium:

‘Treck Indoor Camping’ in Ghent

Treck Hostel is an indoor campsite in the heart of Ghent. Sleep in one of the colorful trailers, tents or dorms who are provided, or pitch your own tent among the trailers. For who is searching for some rest, adventure or new friends. For a citytrip with the whole family, a romantic weekend or a trip with some friends. Treck Indoor Camping offers possibilities for all of you. Those who like to discover the city by bike can borrow one onsite. Nice bonus of the indoor campsite: camping is blissful, even with the most horrible weather.
Discover this campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/572dcd507b6fc29451ecab5d

‘Camp On A Lake’ in Destelbergen

A unique concept where you actually camp on a lake on your own raft. Enjoy your bonfire at sunset and be amazed by the view when you unzip your tent in the morning. Camp On A Lake is an ideal spot for everyone looking for an outdoor adventure where your personal connection is much more important than your Wi-Fi connection. Go back to basics and discover what nature does to your mind, your inspiration and your happiness.
Discover this campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/573de95af818b5511f62e329

Forest Yurt’ in Waardamme (nearby Bruges)

In Waardamme, you can sleep in an handmade yurt surrounded by nature. Crawl in a treehouse to take a bath and go to the toilet in a pimped out Dixi. Prepare your dinner in open air and eat while enjoying a cosy campfire. Immerse yourself in tranquility, enjoy the silence and be awakened by birds that you can hear whistling twenty-four seven. The gigantic domain where the yurt is pitched is located in Waardamme, Oostkamp. In twenty minutes you reach the center of Bruges by car.
Discover this campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/55edb9e03c2a72f17083e04b

‘Sleep in a Tree Tent’ in Tessenderlo

To every camper, this sounds familiar: wet, lumpy, muddy and uneven ground and bugs who enter your tent without asking. This concept is completely doing away with it. In Tessenderlo, you sleep in a hovering tent. The Tree Tent is hanging in the air between two trees, just like an hammock. Let’s call it a treehouse that you can take everywhere. Book a night with your loved one or some friends and experience a unique feeling of careless freedom.
Discover this campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/55671fc4f6879d7614714a4f

‘The Garden in the City’ in Brussels

Even a city trip in our capital can be combined with an adventurous camping experience. In this peaceful 100 square meters garden in the heart of Brussels, you get completely relaxed after a day of exploring the city. Bus and tram stop nearby, but who likes it the adventurous way: by foot you reach the Grand Place in barely half an hour. Nice touch: in mid august, there’s a big chance you can tuck away some fig from the tree.
Discover this campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/556710c77e08783914aa4391

‘Krekelwei Ecoglamping’ in Bilzen

At the Ecoglamping it is possible to camp in a small village in Limburg on the edge of a large forest. The glamping gives the opportunity to enjoy wildlife with the comfort of a real home, but there’s also the possibility to pitch your own tent in the meadow. The woods are great to take a stroll or a cycling trip and from your tent you can spot deer. In the evening you can hear the owls calling, bats are dancing over your head and you will fall asleep with the sound of crickets. Hosts Ilse and Jan, a biologist and a forester, offer a biological breakfast to complete your eco-experience.
Discover the campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/57493df497898d945a8a4d1b

‘La Hussarde’ in Mont-Saint-André

Pass in La Hussarde in Mont-Saint-André (Brabant) and enjoy a unique camper experience: host Alexis installs a tent on the roof of your car. In this way, you can look for adventure anywhere you want. The only thing you need is a cool spot to park your car. Search for a piece of wild nature and enjoy. The roof tent has room for two person, perfect for a couple born for adventure and looking for ultimate freedom.
Discover this campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/54f3481ef03463535b7680e2

‘Lysdonck’ in Sint Niklaas

Lysdonck is a private park that once was property of an abbey. The five hectares domain with lots of open land, forest and a lake, serves as a refuge for all wildlife who use it as a breading place. You can set up your tent in the forest as well as on the open land, or you can book some nights in the big caravan on the estate. Since the domain is situated among farming land, there’s no need to worry about traffic noise. Rest, privacy and, above all, lots of love for nature, that’s where Lysdonck stands for. Completely zen.
Discover this campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/5592be498a77b42929d39ee6

‘Graen 87’ in Olen

Have a wonderful stay with a group of friends by the charming ladies of Graen 87. Hosts Hanne and Sanne manage a personal approach. In no time you feel completely at home. In the morning they spoil you with an amazing breakfast and for next to nothing you can even use their shower. Make it cozy in the green garden with a beer and a campfire in the evening, and be awakened by the coq, the goats or Ziva, the couple’s border collie. Conviviality assured! Festival lovers best book in the Whitsun Weekend during Gladiolen, a festival where you can watch the top of Belgian music perform.
Discover this campsite here https://www.gocampr.com/places/56f126b30a7706df57de26c1

’BIVAK Urban Camping’ in Antwerp

BIVAK is a pop-up campsite in the heart of Antwerp where locals and travelers can meet. Three friends breathe new life into wasteland and in that way, they create an exotic haven in the middle of town. Escape the city and sleep under the trees. Taste homemade dinners, cooked with local biological products, join creative workshops and enjoy concerts under the stars. In this durable, creative and inclusive urban camping, you get to know Antwerp in its most colorful way!
Discover the place here https://www.gocampr.com/places/577394a3c22af99134a9ebfb

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