CHARLIE the LLM for Marketing

8 min readApr 4, 2023

CHARLIE the LLM for Marketing
We are witnessing the beginnings of a new AI-enabled world. This new wave of AI is a game changing tool for brands, businesses and entrepreneurs. Many are asking will AI replace me? The short answer is no, but someone like you that adopts AI into their workflows likely will. These AI-enabled businesses and professionals will be able to move at a speed and level of quality previously unheard of prior to this Generative AI craze.

We built Charlie to be your new best friend and bridge from old workflows to AI enabled ones. Charlie to date has been an ensemble of private APIs, proprietary models and open source technologies supporting easy to use AI tools for Marketing. Charlie enables anyone to create content that considers brand voice, target audience, and more. That message has resonated with over 35,000 businesses that used Charlie to help turn their ideas into content since we launched Fall 2022.

As a huge puppy bound towards our vision, we’re excited to announce the completion of CHARLIE, the first Large Language Model (“LLM”) purpose built for Marketers. Sign up for our Private Beta here.

What is CHARLIE?

CHARLIE stands for Creative Highly Adaptable Responsive Language Intelligence Engine. CHARLIE is an LLM that is purpose built to be a Marketer’s new best friend. Charlie creates text content using simple natural language instruction (bye bye prompting). Further, CHARLIE considers many different factors to create the perfect content as detailed below.

Why did we build it?

Up until now, Charlie has been an ensemble of models pulled together to help our customers create top quality content. With many competitors leveraging the same 2–3 models, we’ve seen the same content that follows the same structure, lacks personality, brand voice adherence, platform considerations and doesn’t consider the critical components to create great content.

Like any great company, we always explore the latest technologies to best serve our customers. We quickly found that the solution we needed didn’t exist, so we built CHARLIE ourselves. CHARLIE goes beyond just creating content, and will deliver value to our customers throughout the Marketing lifecycle, while creating a solid foundational model for us to build upon. A model purpose built for creating marketing content. The Ferrari to the Toyota Camry. CHARLIE.

How does Charlie stack up to competition and other AI models?

Results from CHARLIE have already been at parity or surpassed outputs from all other models and competing services tested. See the Appendix for a few examples.

Charlie is a 1B Parameter Model, but doesn’t sacrifice quality

Some technical specifications for those that are interested:

  • First Marketing Vertical Specific Model of its kind
  • It’s 176X smaller than GPT-3, and many other large models making Charlie much cheaper to run and scale
  • Given size, Charlie is the cheapest model to fine tune to Brand Voice of any model on the market
  • Zero-Shot: Charlie can create things without having explicitly seen them in training allowing us to rapidly add new capabilities to the platform
  • CHARLIE primarily creates copy and text including ads, emails, social media posts, product descriptions, video scripts, blogs, and all other use cases in our platform
  • CHARLIE has been trained to reduce bias and toxicity, a special request from many Marketers we codeveloped with
  • It was built and trained by our two AI Scientists and cofounders, Kostas Hatalis & Despoina Christou

What does CHARLIE mean for customers?
Given the size advantages of CHARLIE, customers can expect:
1. Easier implementation of Brand Voice

2. Consideration of Target Audience, Channel, Trends, Goals, Intent and other key factors inc resting great content

3. Final Drafts on the first try

4. Incredibly fast velocity on creating

5. Longer term cost savings that can be passed along to our customers

6. Future API products

Where do we go from here?

CHARLIE will slowly replace much of the back end of our platform and will be rolled out in a Playground for purposes of the Private Beta.

From our earliest days, we’ve had aspirations of being multimodal. We have some incredibly exciting news that we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks on this particular point.

Until then, sign up for the Private Beta and stay tuned for more exciting updates and technical documentation.

How can you sign up?

Sign up for our Private Beta here. We’ll be progressively granting access to CHARLIE via a playground. We already have several hundred businesses in the Alpha, and are expanding upon that during the duration of the Beta.

Appendix: Competitor Model Comparisons

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