Introducing Coverfly

Today, we’re excited to announce Coverfly, the first backend platform with automation tools for streamlining the process of administering screenwriting competitions.

From collecting submissions across multiple websites, assigning submissions to judges, collecting scores, delivering judges’ feedback, and more, festival directors spend more time doing administrative work than advancing their creative vision for their festival, engaging their audience and delivering value to filmmakers and screenwriters.

That’s exactly why we created technology that leaves the human elements of writing and creativity to humans, and everything else to computers. Turns out computers don’t mind doing a bunch of lifeless tasks like compiling a master list of entries, assigning judges, normalizing scores, optimizing due dates, advancing qualifiers, e-mailing status updates and professional feedback to writers, and tracking submissions. If you’re a screenwriting competition, lab, fellowship or festival, FilmFreeway or WithoutABox is your frontend, we’re your administrative backend with lots of features you’ll love.

We’re a team of software engineers and writers who want to see the creative community doing what they’re amazing at — telling stories. The more the entertainment industry is enabled to connect and create, the better film and TV gets for the rest of us. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Coverfly and can’t wait to see how this impacts the industry.

Are you a film festival with or without a screenwriting contest? Are you a brand with an audience of screenwriters? Shoot us an email at for an invite to our private beta.