Does Your Church Need a Mobile App? — We Think It Does…

Does your church need a mobile app? You might be the only one who can honestly answer the question. But in this era, the likelihood is high that your church can benefit from a mobile app. At the end of 2016, Google reported that 51.3% of Google searches happen from a mobile phone or tablet (vs. a computer desktop). It means that more and more of our church members will turn to their phones when they need information.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of a mobile app in the church context.

  1. Supports Discipleship Culture: An app can support the Discipleship Culture you are building by making it easier to distribute information, and join and manage a small group. Imagine you can have up to date reports on your small group growth and attendance.
  2. An app lets your members connect with your church on a platform that they already use. Most younger members of your church will be used receiving messages and gathering information on their mobile phones. Why not make the church information just as accessible?
  3. Support simplified and effective church administration: The bedrock of good church admin is up-to-date contact info, and this is almost impossible without putting that task into the hands of your congregation — which can easily be done with a mobile app — saving the church time and effort.
  4. Digital Info Desk: An app can be a dedicated line of communication to your members — they know where to find information, sign up links and sermons. It can also remove the need to use multiple channels to communicate with your members, simplifying it to one message or post to one platform instead of email, bulk sms and WhatsApp etc.
  5. An app can increase how engaged your members are with your church. Higher engagement can lead to greater spiritual growth, both in numbers and in depth. An app creates multiple touch points where your members can engage with the Gospel, the values you drive as a church and the events you organised.
  6. Many aspects of church admin are vastly improved when it is outsourced to the congregation. With an app, your members can update their own contact information, read up and register for an event, find and listen to the latest sermon and find the current announcements without any direct contact with the church office.

These are just a few ways that your church can benefit from a church app. If your church has an app, what benefits have you experienced?

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