Ski Dubai

One day I went with my family to Ski Dubai, it was very cold there. Also there was snow! And there was some closets so we can put our bags and our stuff inside. We saw penguins and it was not allowed to take a picture for the penguins because it will damage their eyes, so the staff prevented us from taking photos to protect the penguins. And then we played with the Chairlifts, after that I went to ski at the soft snow. At first I was learning how to ski. But I fell down when I was skating. The temperature was -5! My face and hands was cold so I wore gloves.

Then we got on a ball made of plastic! And we went down from a coast. Then we made a Snow Man and we gave it a name: Snowy! It was a very nice place. I advice you to go there with your family or your friends.. Also you can go by yourself. Check some Ski Dubai Pictures