Field Story 1 — Summer ‘17

By: Angelus National Forest Field Rangers Summer ‘17

Hanging out with the the Williams family — Chantry Flats, Angelus National Forest

Had a great week out in the field — it was 100 degrees though! So far this program has really shown me that people use our forest for so many different reasons. This week my featured snapshot is of the Williams and it hit home that this IS A PUBLIC RESOURCE for all.

What brings you to the forest today?

My family and I are here to go hunting in the backcountry today. My son and I have been coming here for years.

How far did you come from? (first name/family name)

We came up from San Bernardino.

What’s your favorite story from a time out in the forest?

We were here a couple of summers ago and shot a wild pig. We brought it home to friends and family and had a block party for the ages.

What’s your favorite thing about this recreation area?

Just the nature out here. It can be warm, but it is quiet.

It was nice to meet a Mexican-American family out here and hear their story.

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