Tips for an Outstanding Masters/MBA Interview

For many college programs, interviewing is usually not a necessary step (although the article below also applies to undergraduate interviews). However, if you end up applying for a Master’s in the future, particularly a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), the interview is a key part of the admissions process. Business is about communicating effectively and for one to succeed in negotiations, one must know how to speak clearly and eloquently.

The following tips for a successful Master’s interview are by no means exhaustive and are just a reference point for candidates to start thinking about how to approach any interviews they might receive.


  • Reach out to current alumni and students: The conversations you have with alumni will really be important later on in your interview process, when you can support your enthusiasm and seriousness for applying to a school by referencing the people as well as the experiences that you enjoyed learning about
  • Watch Youtube videos: Get inspired by Youtube videos. Many schools post Youtube videos online that really allow you to visually map the school’s culture and campus “vibe” to your current understanding of the school
  • Do traditional research by looking at relevant websites: Website navigation can be dull but it is often very informative and can answer many of your questions
  • Visit campus: Nothing shows your commitment more than visiting the campus, especially if it is a coast-to-coast flight or a flight from another country
  • Have a strong understanding of the school’s culture: You can even remember quotes that represent a school’s culture (e.g. UChicago’s “Where Fun Comes to Die”, which represents the school’s rigorous academic environment)