This is why I support a SAG-AFTRA strike authorization for video games — and it isn’t about money.
Wil Wheaton

The hours they expect you to stress your vocal chords is bad enough. But the clauses they want included in the contracts, those are the most distressing.

“Inattentive” sounds like it could just be you not hearing them tell you to do something and having to tell you again, maybe the person has an issue with you and decides… “He’s inattentive, I want him fined.” Scary to think how some might chose to ensure they make budget… just fine them all to death.

Since when do studios get to decide you MUST go on certain auditions? Maybe I am naive, but I always thought it was up to the the actor/talent to decide with their agent which ones to go on. That an actor/talent didn’t even have to go to all the ones the agent might want them to go on as they may not ‘feel’ a certain project or just not be interested in it. Also, if an agent were not getting auditions for an actor/talent that would end up being a situation for the two to resolve. At no time did I think it was the studios call on who MUST attend auditions for them. Don’t like a certain agent… force him to submit those he represents to auditions they will refuse and then fine him or cost him his union francise so he has no ability to work in the industry. How can’t they see this would get abuse, even if only once, it could ruin a life.

Hope a satisfactory resolution can be worked out that protects the actors/talent and their rights to not only earn a living but to also chose who/what to work for.

All of that may be more crucial than the question of residuals, but as I am not impacted by any of this (other than the price of a game when I go to buy one) it is simply an outsider’s opinion.

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