Exclusive Tour Packages on Kerala Beaches

Kerala beaches are popular for its marvellous exquisiteness. There are many beaches and some of them are deserted beaches with minimum crowd and the other which are very popular and highly crowded. So we can select beaches according to our choice like if we are looking for a relaxing ambience then deserted beaches is the best. There are lots of Kerala tour packages that comprises these beaches.


Kovalam is located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. There are mainly 3 beaches they are Hawah Beach, Lighthouse Beach, and Samudra Beach. Kovalam is an internationally famous beach with three adjacent crescent beaches. Kovalam beach is has the beautiful golden yellow sand and the palm fringed shoreline is one of the foremost attraction. Many Kerala tour packages for honeymoon has included Kovalam. A massive rocky cape on the beach has created a beautiful bay of calm waters idyllic for sea bathing. The best time to explore Kovalam beach is from November to March


Varkala beach is famous for its seaside resort and spa and an important Hindu centre of pilgrimage. Varkala is known for its mineral springs and rocky cliffs. The main attractions are 2000-year-old Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple and the nature care centre. Varkala is the best Kerala holiday package you could select for the mesmerizing time at the beach. Varkala is one of the most photographed beaches because of its dramatic rocky coastline


Cherai beach situated at Ernakulam district. Dolphins are occasionally seen at the Cherai beach. Portuguese Fort, Pallipuram Church and Munambam Beach are the main attractions in Cherai. It is one among the cleanest beaches in Kerala.This is the idle place for a holiday we can find a number of Kerala tour packages for family that include spending a day at Cherai. We can see a lot of Chinese fishing nets at the coasts of the beach.


Kappad is one of the most historic beaches in Kerala. Kappad is where Vasco da Gama sailed his ships in 1498. Kappad beach is located 16km from Kozhikode. What makes this beach special is that it’s partly rocky and partly smooth. Gentle waters here are great for swimming. We can only see a little stone monument is left at the Kappad beach that signifies its great historic importance. On the rocks nearby is a temple whispered to be 800 years old.