How we enjoyed the cheapest tour of Kerala?

Kerala can be the most luxurious place to visit for holidays. But we managed to enjoy a very cheap package to Kerala with the entire family and had a great experience that I am sharing now. Here’s everything about how we managed the most beautiful Kerala Tour Packages for Family. My family means me and my parents. I am the only child! We managed this tour a few months back. It was a planned trip to Kerala though we had not planned the tour of Kerala as much. We had booked our train tickets to Kerala during August season. It was Onam and we wanted to celebrate it with our family back there. Since I had finished my graduation and had taken a break to prepare for MBA entrance coaching I did not have to worry about leaves. My mother was a homemaker and that leaves my father who runs a business in Bangalore. I guess that makes quite a lot of matters easier — leave for example, which is very crucial for the working people! So we had our train tickets booked in advance and reached Kerala 3 days before Onam. We wanted to enjoy the festivities and that was one of the reasons we came here on a vacation at this time of the year. Onam is a big festival in Kerala. So our plan was to cut short our expenses. Though we could very well afford the flight tickets, we had decided to spend on charity rather than on luxury. We had planned that whatever we save on our trip budget, we will spend on charity. If our savings can make better one or two lives, that would be the best festive gift to them!!! So we started our mission with second class train tickets which cost us hardly 1500 for all 3 tickets plus auto charge to and from the station. That itself was an accomplishment comparing the flight charge which would have cost double the amount for each person!

As we reached Ernakulam South station, where we had to get down, we realized that there were buses plying from the station to many nearby areas and since we were to stay in Kadavanthra, which was nearby only, we checked the availability of a bus instead of taking an auto. We were determined to forego all the luxuries this time except for the family time during our Kerala family Tour Packages. And Bingo!!! We got a low-floor bus to Kadavanthra and it was pretty comfortable and spacious so that we could keep all our luggage in and got seats also. Ok, this was a little luxurious only, comparing the normal bus. But that was the only bus available at that time and we managed to reach home within 15 minutes from the station. When we reached home, we realized we could have got down another exit and reached home much earlier!!! Somehow it never occurred to us that we should have called up and checked with our uncle at home. We had 3 days to Onam and hence there was a little bit of shopping planned. We had decided not to buy new clothes for ourselves as we were on a mission to save. We always buy dresses whenever we saw something good and that left us with new dresses in our wardrobe throughout the year! But we did go shopping to buy all the grocery for the feast and my cousins bought dresses as they were waiting for me to choose. We bought a pair of Kerala Set Mundu and Kasavu Mundu for our grandparents as that’s all they wear and we wanted to buy the best from Kerala itself. We thought we will promote the local weavers instead of promoting some international brand. We were noting down every penny we saved on this special Kerala family tour packages so that we could use it for a noble cause before we left this God’s Own Country.

The next two days went quite busy meeting up with some relatives and chatting up with some more at home. We managed to commute by bus which turned out much cheaper than auto and faster too! By Onam, we had already saved close to Rs. 10,000/- which included the flight tickets we did not take! When we shared our purpose of Cheap Kerala family Tour Packages with our grandparents and uncle who stayed with them (with whom we were staying) they were very happy at the thought. Though they had already made the purchases, they decided to make it a point to save during their travels and festivities to feed the poor. For Onam, we decided to make some extra food and feed some poor people who cannot afford it. It was a combined effort as we decided to cut down on the number of dishes and increase the quantity instead so that more people can be fed. My uncle knew some organizations that did this exercise regularly and this time we choose to feed some children in a small orphanage. They were not actually orphans as most of them were left to be taken care of by the single mothers who could not afford to take care of them. Around 15 children were there of different ages and their mothers visited them once or twice a month. A retired couple took care of these children. They did not raise funds as it involved a lot of promotion and formalities. They preferred to keep a lower profile and some local organizations used to fund them during emergencies. That Onam, we were happy to eat with those 15 children and the elderly couple. We bought them some basic medicines and some new clothes with the amount we had saved. Our uncle bought them a month’s grocery and promised to keep checking on them for any requirements so that we could chip in. The Cheap Kerala family tour packages were a great chapter in our lives. We still keep in touch with them and we often receive letters and handmade cards from the children. We had shared this story with some of our close family friends and they are also chipping in some fund for these less privileged children. We hope to make their lives celebrated instead of celebrating our own lives.