Stunning Reasons For the Rapid Growth Of Kerala Tourism…!

Why are people visiting this small state in South India?

Many of you may be wondering what makes Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in India! Having lived here all my life, even I have wondered what is attracting so many tourists to this small state. Beaches, Backwaters or the Mountains? Well, after visiting some intriguing places across the state and some other places in India, now I know that Kerala has some of the most beautiful places on the earth. If Kashmir’s snow clad mountains make it the Paradise on the earth, so does the misty mountains of the Western Ghats. Keeping all these apart, I think the most important factor that attracts the tourists to book Amazing Kerala Tour packages are the natural landscapes. Kerala is blessed with some of the most beautiful hills, rivers, waterfalls and beaches. One side of Kerala is a long stretch of coastal line which runs around 700 kilometers long. The other side has the majestic Western Ghats and rich tropical forests with some rare flora and fauna. In between come the backwaters, villages, paddy fields, coconut groves and the cities which are as good as the metro cities in India.

Kerala has rightly taken advantage of being a small but resourceful state. People come on Kerala Tour packages from Chennai for weekends and during holidays. Even though Chennai is just an overnight journey by train, the soothing atmosphere of Kerala is something you will never get in Chennai. The climate, the scenic beauty, the natural resources and most important, water are some major attractions of Kerala that urge the tourists to book Best Munnar tour packages from Chennai upon every holiday opportunity given. The serene and clean locations of Kerala add to the beauty of the state. The greenery all around is very soothing for the eyes and the soul.

Locations that make Kerala different from other tourist spots

I have been to Ooty and Kodaikkanal on holiday tours but they are so crowded that we never get to enjoy the locations. Moreover, most of the tourist spots are overly commercialized. We can see those places over the internet rather than visit them. Visiting naturally beautiful locations that are not overly commercialized and crowded are the main attractions of tour packages in Kerala. You can see some amazing places yet enjoy them without having to bother about the crowd. Another advantage you have with Kerala is that it is a small state. So you can see a lot of places within a short span. A typical Kerala tour package would consist of a visit to a beach like Kovalam or Fort Kochi, a Munnar visit and a houseboat cruise in Allepey or Kumarakom.

If you experience these, you have experienced the essence of Kerala. But there’s much more than Kovalam, Munnar and Allepey to see in Economical tour packages for Kerala. Every village in every district of Kerala has something in store for the tourists. It might be the paddy fields, coconut groves, the agricultural farms, the rivers and the waterfalls or a native handicraft exclusive to that village. Every nook and corner of Kerala are totally blessed with natural beauty. Check out these popular locations you should not miss during your tour packages in Kerala. I will also explain what makes it different from other similar locations.


Munnar tour packages are synonymous to Kerala tourism packages. This beautiful hill station attracts a lot of Indian as well as the foreign crowd. There are many hotels and resorts here which provide extremely enriching accommodation and travel experience. What makes this place stand out from other hill stations is that Munnar has not changed much from the olden days. While some new hotels, resorts and buildings have come up, a lot of are in Munnar is still left to be explored by the nature enthusiasts. The tea estates and a romantic sunset viewed from here cannot be compared to anything else in life. This is one reason even Bollywood movie makers shoot their movies, especially the prestigious songs, in Munnar. The fresh air, cool climate and lush background are very charming and soothing.

Wayanad and other hill stations

Munnar is the most popular hill station in Kerala. Then there’s Wayanad, Thekkadi, Vagamon, Ponmudi, Neelimala, Vythiri, Lakkidi, Anamudi, Nelliampathi and scores of other such beautiful hill stations in Kerala along the Western Ghats. They are ideal for a quiet holiday on Kerala tour packages for family as well as some private time in Perfect Kerala Honeymoon Tour packages also. The best fact about these hill stations is that each place has its own speciality — waterfalls, wildlife, jungle safari, adventure sports, trekking, hiking, nature gazing, bird watching or a calm and cool climate. You can experience the specialities of a location when you reach there.

Allepey & Kumarakom

A houseboat cruise in Allepey or Kumarakom is a must-experience when you visit Kerala. The emerald green tranquil waterways open up your mind to a magical world of greenery. You can see endless rows of paddy fields and coconut groves on both sides of the backwaters. Many species of beautiful birds and fishes will enthuse your creative mind. You will be far away from the crowd floating through the backwaters all through the day and night which will give you the much-needed peace of mind. The houseboat cruise is being promoted by Kerala tourism packages as it gives the tourists a totally different, greener picture of Kerala.

Kovalam and other beaches

With over 700 kilometres of coastal line, Kerala has many world renowned beaches from Kovalam to Thalassery. In spite of having so many beautiful beaches, most of the beaches have their own identity being of rare and unique nature. When you are on your Popular Kerala tour packages from Chennai you will be amazed at the impeccable neatness in Kerala’s beaches. A good percentile of the beaches will not be very crowded also. The beaches here are still a way of living for many people and hence, they have not yet been much commercialized. This is one factor that makes the beaches of Kerala stand out from the beaches in other major tourist locations. You can still enjoy Kerala’s beaches in its raw elements at many places. Most of the resorts nearby popular beaches in Kerala serve delicious seafood also.

Ayurveda and Yoga

Kerala’s Ayurvedic clinics are very popular across the world. Many people come to Kerala to take special beauty and wellness treatments during their holidays. You can also enjoy a pampering and invigorating Ayurvedic massage at your resort or at an ayurvedic clinic nearby during your Kerala honeymoon Packages. This is an experience you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Most of the reputed Ayurvedic clinics in Kerala use only organic and natural ingredients to make the medicines and herbal oils used for the massage. You can also learn and practice Yoga during your Kerala family tour packages. All you need to do is inform your tour manager regarding your plan to learn Yoga and they will arrange a personal instructor or make arrangements so that you can learn it from an expert during your Kerala holidays. Ayurveda and Yoga can make a huge difference to your lifestyle and stress. Practicing Yoga can keep you healthy, get rid of some lifestyle diseases and improve your concentration thereby decreasing your tensions. Ayurveda can help you stay healthy treating the root cause of your ailments. Since it uses natural and organic elements for treatment, we can believe that it has almost no side-effects.

Festivals of Kerala

Kerala celebrates the temple and church festivals with a lot of bright colours and enthusiasm. Sometimes, the entire locally participates in the events without bothering about their caste and creed. Onam is a 10-day state festival which is celebrated by every Malayali irrespective of their religion and caste. It is a harvest festival which is also related to the mythical King Mahabali who used to be a generous and virtuous ruler. Everyone in the state celebrates onam for 10 days with colorful flower carpets, new clothes, a lot of music and dance and delicious traditional Kerala food in Scintillating Kerala Tour packages For family. Onam is an auspicious time and the schools and colleges are given 10 days holidays to celebrate it with their family and relatives. Temple festivals and church festivals are also celebrated with equal vigour. Cultural events, trade fairs etc. are held during the festive season.

The “Vishu Maathachantha” held during the 2 days of Vishu in April is one of its kinds in the state. This traditional barter system of buying things in return of other items was prevailing in many parts of Kerala till we started dealing with money. The “Vishu Maathachantha” held in Chendamangalam had started its tradition way back during the days of barter system. Now this trade fair still continues but the barter system is no longer followed. Many interesting and rare-to-get items like a palm-leaf mat, hand fans, handloom clothes etc. can be bought only here that too only during the 2 days before Vishu.

There are many more interesting facts about Kerala that makes it South India’s most preferred holiday destination. We will discuss more on them in the future blogs.