The mystical beauty of the sea from the beaches of Kerala

A visit to the sea shore is every child’s dream. But when the adults get searching for a beach to enjoy their honeymoon it becomes serious business. The trip to Kerala is incomplete without a beach visit and in your Kerala tour packages for couples include the famous shoreline of Kerala. The long shoreline of Kerala in itself is a blessing for the state. The thriving tourism in the state offers its revenue to the beaches among others. There are so much of activities that can be carried out in these beaches. Apart from swimming and sun bathing, the beaches offer water sports like the surfing and skiing and water scooters. Some beaches have shady coconut groves where you can rest in your hammocks and enjoy the sea breeze. Others have gardens that are ready to take you in and offer a wonderful resting place for you in your cheap Kerala tour packages. The sunset on these beaches are magnificent and usually they are crowded in the evenings. The sun rays bask you with warmth as it dips into the sea and a slight breeze sway the heads of the coconut trees.

Most of the beaches are in villages where the main livelihood of the locals are fishing and hence the abundance of sea food. The fresh catch is available at cheap rates thus giving you healthy food at affordable prices. The beaches of fort Kochi, vypin and Cherai have Chinese nets that are used to catch fish in large quantities. These form the trademark of the city and they have historical importance as being used for a long time since historical time. These are the major sights you can enjoy for your Kerala tour packages for family as you go from each place to another savoring the beautiful sights. There is a lot to do like building sand castles, and if you are an artist, the annual sand art festival at the Shankhumugham beach is a good opportunity to showcase your talents. The only drive in beach of Muzhappilangad allows you to drive on the wet sandy shores. The Bekal fort is another must visit place so that you go for the best opportunity available to enjoy the historical moments of the pre independence era. Apart from the beaches of the Malabar coast, the beaches of south Kerala has light houses like the one at Kovalam and the one at Fort Kochi. These are the best places to visit on your beach tour.

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