Unleash your funny face as you tour Kerala | Gogeo Holidays

Kerala, ‘God’s own country’ has its funny face too. If you are the quirky fun type there is plenty of opportunity for you here to discover the funny face here. Explore the length and breadth of the region as the rivers flow and the wind blows and mighty waterfalls crash down on rocky river beds. The Kerala tour packages that you have been planning involves all the fun moments of your life. In the most parts of Kerala fun moments are those enjoyed with family on an outing. Most of the time the youngsters are the best pranksters pulling the leg of the elders and trying their best witty pranks on them. The family time is the best time spent along with the elders and the youngsters alike. The times spent together are mostly festive seasons like Onam, Durga pooja, Christmas and Easter, Bakrid and Eid-ul- Fitr.

The Onam is the festival of Kerala celebrated by all despite of cultural and religious differences. All the relatives gather in their hometowns and return for the holidays from their busy schedules abroad or anywhere in the world. The time spent with family is etched in the memories as they return to the busy lives of work. The celebrations extend for three to four days as the legend goes by. You can plan your Kerala honeymoon packages in this festive season if you want to be a part of the celebrations. There are plenty of homestays that will let you get to know the culture of the land up close. If you travel to the Thrissur district t this time, you can watch the ‘pulikkali’ that is famous everywhere. The men with pot bellies painted all over as tigers run around in various funny steps along the main streets to the tunes of the drums. The onappookkalam that is laid on ten days preceding the main day of thiruvonam is very beautiful. It is called flower carpet. Designs are laid out and filled with flowers of beautiful colours. Together with all these official festivities, it is a time to get together for the family and gossip and make fun of the youngsters and their pranks. Again there are fun activities like visiting relatives and filling the tummies with sumptuous feasts called ‘sadya’ in the local language. The elders tie swings made out of wood onto tree branches for the kids and elders alike. Swinging is a best time pass for the elders here. All these and much more await you in the Kerala travel packages you have opted out in this blessed land. Much to the surprise of the tourists the time of the year appears to be the spring season and the flowers are in full bloom. This time of the year is considered to be the most auspicious for marriages and other important functions. The new year of the Malayalam calendar happens to be the first of the month ‘chingam’ and this is the first festivity connected to the harvesting of the rice grains cultivated on lush green paddy fields. Go for a fun filled Kerala tourism honeymoon package that is available at affordable prices at this time of the year. The legends and myths are galore and the major functions spread around this month of festivity. Thus we wish you a wonderful tour experience that rejuvenates your mind and body as you go from one place to another in this great land of Kerala. Enjoy the varied flavours of Kerala in a Kerala cuisine restaurant and have your mouth drooling over the delicacies spiced up at the right twist and turn.

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