Collaboration Inclination: Benefits of Group Shows and MMNY GoGirlsEdition!
Jun 21, 2017 · 3 min read

By Delia Stanley, Co-Executive Director

2016’s MMNY GoGirls Show with the Shelley Knight Band

The Make Music NY GoGirls Edition show is tonight in Brooklyn (See all the details here!: featuring NY GoGirls ReW*, rorie kelly, Nico Padden and Christine Sweeney. Amazing GoGirl Lucy Kalantari has organized the event for many years (Thanks Lucy!) and it highlights the community spirit that is such an important part of the GoGirls mission.

The 2017 line-up for MMNY GoGirls Edition

There are a ton of benefits to being part of a collaborative show; here’s a few of our faves, share yours by leaving a comment, visiting us on Facebook or Tweeting at us @GoGirlsMusic!

  1. Collaboration adds diversity to the show

Audiences love getting more bang for their buck! With a collaborative show featuring several artists, viewers get a little taste of everything- kind of like ordering a bunch of appetizers instead of one full entree! Folks are more likely to stick around to hear multiple acts, and when it’s related to a specific group like our GoGirls show, it gives listeners an idea of what they can expect from the organization!

2. Collaboration combines multiple fanbases

The more the merrier, right? You reach a wider group of listeners during collaborative shows by sharing fans! Folks that support original music love to get introduced to their next favorite songwriter- plus it takes the pressure off of being the only one to bring a crowd into a venue!

3. Collaboration builds community

There’s nothing quite like the magic that happens when you gather a bunch of great musicians in one place. Audience members can feel the supportive atmosphere and performance energy. As a musician, it’s hard not to be inspired by other songwriters as you listen to them live. For me, just the act of seeing live and local music usually leads to a songwriting session after the show. Not to mention it can lead to our next reason…

4. Collaboration begets collaboration

Many group shows don’t end there- they result in more group shows with the same musicians, jam sessions, sometimes spontaneously on stage, not to mention new projects and bands. When musicians inspire each other, they want to work together! Chances are your first group show won’t be your last, and you may find yourself working with some of your favorite local acts once you’ve shared a stage!

Catch the Making Music NY GoGirls Edition show at The Monro Pub, 481 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 on June 21st and tell us about your collaboration inclinations on social media!

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course, here on Medium, @GoGirlsMusic! is the oldest and largest online community of indie women musicians. Our mission is to promote, support and empower indie women in music.

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