Holiday Gift Guide: What To Get Your Indie Musician Friend This Year

By GoGirlsMusic Co-Executive Director rorie kelly

Merry Christmas from GoGirl Kirrivath!

It's that time of year. Musicians can be tough to buy for, especially if you're not one yourself. What can you get us that we'd really love, doesn't break the bank, and we don't already have? Well, I'm here to fill you in with ideas for every budget.

Budget: Middle of the Road

Get your musician friend a humidifer. This may seem like a boring gift, but anyone with a wooden instrument (or any serious singer) will tell you what a difference the dry winter air makes for us. Humidifiers are affordable and widely available. Consider a travel humidifier that works with a water bottle for singers, or a small guitar humidifier for acoustic players, if you’re looking for a very affordable gift that we likely have not bothered to get ourselves.

Get your musician friend online services. Most of us have to spend a lot of time on social media in order to handle the publicity side of our careers, and it can get overwhelming. Buying a membership to a service like Hootsuite or Social Jukebox will help a musician free up her time to do more of what she loves--play music.

Get your musician friend picks, strings, and cables. Totally affordable and also something we can probably all use. Tip: to make it a gift that’s fun AND practical, go online and look for cables and picks with cool colors and designs, or Aurora guitar strings which come in a rainbow of colors.

Get your musician friend a music store gift card in any amount. You can’t go wrong, and take it from a musician: it’s not impersonal, it’s awesome. Bonus points if you can support a local mom & pop music store with this gift.

Budget: High Roller!

Go online and hire a freelancer to make a professional lyric video for your friend. High quality video is totally important for promoting our music but can often feel financially out of reach. Plus, you'll be doing a good deed by giving a creative freelancer some much-appreciated work around the holidays.

Get your musician friend gear or an instrument. Chances are good that your friend has something shiny and special that they have been eyeballing but can’t afford. Find out what it is either covertly or directly and be their fairy godmother.

Budget: I'm Broke But I Still Care

Give your musician friend the gift of service. Ask your friend when their next big deal show is and volunteer to mind the merch table, work the room and get names on the mailing list for them. Be their personal promoter for a night. Cost: free. Value: Priceless.

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