What’s your instrument?

“Musician” is a pretty broad term. To say that you’re a musician creates more questions than answers, because there are just so many ways to express yourself through music.

And isn’t that the beauty of music? All of us musicians can make incredibly diverse rhythms with the different instruments we play, but ultimately we’re all united by our passion for sound.

So, what’s your instrument? Do you devote yourself to one, or feed your musical fire with a few?

Whether it’s the violin, flute, guitar, or even your own lovely voice that you use to make your melody, Gustaf gives you the sheet music that will bring your sound to life.

Incredible sheet music, always at your fingertips

Gustaf has sheet music for just about every instrument in our sheet music store, making it easier to find the scores you want than ever before.

The Gustaf Store was designed to make your sheet music search as simple as possible. If you’ve got a certain mood you need to set free, but no particular score to express it with, then you can browse by genre.

Whether you’re feeling rock-ready excitement, bluesy sadness, or classical serenity, you can quickly and easily find the right tune to let it out. If you’ve got something specific in mind, the Gustaf Store lets you browse by title, artist, or songbook, so that you can find the exact piece you’re craving to play.

Or, when the urge strikes to just grab your instrument and play, simply browse by instrument to find your next masterpiece. The best part is that it’s delivered electronically to your device, so that you never have to wait for delivery or deal with photocopying again.

Here at Gustaf, we designed our store to make sure you have the sheet music you need as soon as inspiration strikes. But, we didn’t stop there …

A sheet music revolution, on any device

Having incredible access to thousands of scores isn’t worth much if you can’t use the scores when you get them. With Gustaf, we designed our app to make sure that once you’ve found the sheet music you want, you can personalize and play it just as easily.

Once you’ve downloaded your score from the Gustaf Store, you’ll have instant access to it in the Gustaf app, where your sheet music becomes completely interactive.

In Gustaf, your sheet music becomes responsive, letting it seamlessly adjust its size to perfectly fit whatever device you’re using. Then, the real fun begins. Gustaf lets you make your digital sheet music your own like never before, with features that let you annotate your music, hide parts, color others, and more.

Once you’ve made your music exactly the way you want it, you can use Gustaf’s concentration mode to view it without being distracted by any of your device’s updates.

Make the most of your instrument

All of Gustaf’s incredible features were created with one goal in mind: helping you play your instrument better than ever before. Whatever instrument you may play, Gustaf gives you the flexibility and creativity to let you focus on making the sound you love.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Gustaf Store’s Instrument Page now to find your next favorite song.

Originally published at www.gogustaf.com on October 31, 2016.