Introducing Go Kids Billingshurst


You may have noticed a few posts here and there popping up in your newsfeed over the past week or so and wondered “who or what is this Go Kids Billingshurst?”. Well, let me explain.

Tell Me More…

Go Kids Billi is a community-based social media campaign that has been set up by me, Bekkie, a mum of two little girls (7 and 3) living in Billingshurst. We have lived here for almost 2 years now, and prior to that we were living in Cobham, Surrey. It was hard leaving Surrey. My eldest was settled in school, we had lovely neighbours and my youngest was born in that house so it had extra special meaning to us. When we moved here we knew very little about the area and it’s inhabitants! All we knew was that the area was beautiful, the schools were good, there was a train station and that the village had a lot to offer our little family. We thought that about the last place that we lived, but let me tell you we have been blown away by how wonderful Billingshurst is. The people have been friendly and welcoming, the village is busy, and the countryside quite frequently takes my breath away.

It’s not just Billingshurst you know…

Billingshurst is special because of the role it plays as a hub for the wider area. Many of the neighbouring villages such as Wisborough Green, Slinfold, Five Oaks, Coolham etc. rely on the many amenities that Billingshurst has to offer which gives it a real community feel. And so although this campaign is called Go Kids Billingshurst, it really encompasses the surrounding villages too (I just couldn’t think of a snappier, all encompassing name!).

It’s about celebrating & promoting what our local area has to offer families, and encouraging us all to get out there and make the most of the fabulous resources on our doorstep!

Go Kids Billi is all about finding out about what is going on in and around the Billingshurst area for children and families, as well as discovering family friendly activities across West Sussex (and occasionally sneaking further afield!). One of the things that we have in abundance here in West Sussex is glorious countryside and coastline, and so there will be lots of ideas around making the most of these amazing places. I am have a real interest in nature and the outdoors and am really trying to build on my children’s natural curiosity about these and encourage them to develop a life long passion for them. Afterall, their generation are the future guardians of our natural world.

The great thing about West Sussex is that we have so much nature right on our doorstep! And much of it is free or low cost to enjoy! With a few handy tools and resources I want to help you and your families get as much out of what’s right here in our community and surrounding areas. In addition to all this there will also be information about what’s going on in the community, general parenting chat and tips, and a bit of local history and culture thrown in for good measure. I want kids to get out there and try stuff. That’s why it’s called Go Kids. Lets encourage our kids to go, discover and do!

This campaign is actually part of a new career direction for me as I train to become a social media manager. It’s a chance for me to develop skills that will help me but also an opportunity to give something back to the community. My hope is that families in the local area will find it a useful resource and positively engage with Go Kids Billi so that it becomes a valuable local tool for promoting what’s on offer locally.

Be Part of It

Please get involved by following Go Kids Billi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your engagement really does help…Hit the Like button or comment on a post to help spread the Go Kids Billi word, share any content that you feel other people would like to read and get in touch via any of the social media channels if you have any suggestions or content that you would like us to share.