A Fine Dine Experience With GoPranzo

GoPranzo’s Food app, brings Pune restaurants live food deals for Bookings at the venue !

GoPranzo app, a real-time marketplace makes it easier for booking a restaurant table through lucrative hot deals on your favourite and tasty food with a great discounts and savings on your wallet.

Features of the App:

Live Online Deal Assistance:

GoPranzo app currently on the mobile marketplace uses Geo-location access to help you explore the food deals around you. You can also choose the best hotel deals and click to redeem the coupons when you book. This makes it convenient for you to quickly plan for two’s.

Festivals and Food Events: You get the latest updates on the food offers and meal deals on the events and food festivals around your location for saving bills.

Tonight’s Specials: You have your favourite specials right on your screen before anyone else sees it in your team. Be it the weekdays or weekends, bands or blues make the best of every occassion for dining footloose. With a creative and intelligent app like GoPranzo you have all the info on the food around you. From the restaurant menus and the hours of operation, the gps location gives the exact directions along with focused food images and discounted deals for peace loving digital diners destinations.

Reserving Dinner Table: With a number of restaurants adding on the go, quickly reserve a dinner table in your near by row. Enjoy your meals without any more restaurant waiting on food deals. Share it with your friends and get more savings on your food bills.

Sharing Social: GoPranzo’s social sharing feature lets you share your favourite deals you like on the app. With all your friends sharing their experiences on this app, you get yourself to be on the top users list of this food deals app.

Download app on: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gopranzo

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