Defeat Restaurant Queues With Digital //

GoPranzo app displays tonight’s best food deals on bookings at your favourite restaurants with amazing discounts and savings on your bills.

App Features:

Real-time Deals :

Your location access to GoPranzo shows you the best restaurant deals near you and click through to use them on walking in the restaurants with no more wait for the booking queue. Now when you like a good deal on display, you don’t have to the wait for booking it on busy ringtone play. Just click and tap to check it out, and walk in the venue with no more queue.

Events & Food Festivals: The Best food offers and meal deals are listed on the GoPranzo App. All you need to do is book it online and avail amazing discounts on your hotel bills.

Special’s Tonight: Get your favourite deals on tonight’s specials right on the display as soon as you have to a plan on your mind to visit your nearby locals. With the exact location and every right direction, GoPranzo app shows you food images on the menu and savings on your valuable time and money for no more in queue.

Dinner Table Reservation: With more and more restaurants getting listed on the app, you have a number of hot deals to tap. Just choose a deal and book it on the app, then no more will you have to bake your brains over the wait to your reserved dinner table tab.

Social Sharing: GoPraanzo’s social sharing feature lets you share the best food deals you like with your friends online. With this app you would also reveal your network the food app’s deal. Then why wait for someone else, when all you can click n tap and share it at the best.

These are just a few features of the GoPranzo app, may you be blessed with the rest, to experience as you book and order through this app with just another tap.

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